Did you know that you can get paid for just your opinions? It might seem farfetched, but there are millions of researchers all over the world who want people’s views on different topics to help with their work. They need your views on everything from washing up liquid to the European Union so that they can tweak their marketing or launch a new campaign – and they’re prepared to pay up if you help out.

While making money can be as easy as that, there are definitely strategies that can help you maximize your effectiveness across all the different survey sites, choose legit paid surveys and avoid scams, and get paid for surveys. So, to get the best tips on using paid survey websites, check out this guide.

First, let’s take a look at how we’ve ranked the best paid survey sites:

  1. The money: One of the most important things we’ve done for each of these sites is to actually test them out and see how much money you can make. We also check how quickly they payout and how much effort is involved.
  2. The experience: The next important check is on how their system works. Some sites artificially limit how many surveys you are allowed to take, or they only send surveys very infrequently. We checked out how each site operates.
  3. The feedback: The best-paid survey sites have a long history of high, timely payments and good customer reviews. We checked these out too.

Our review of 20 paid survey sites

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie came at the top of our list of best paid survey sites because it has the winning combination of an easy to use process and high, reliable payouts that we look for. Users can sign up in just a few minutes and get earning points straight away. These points can then be converted into cash, a mechanic used by a lot of paid survey websites, at a rate of £1 per 100 points. As for its track record, Survey Junkie is one of the older entrants in this crowded market, starting life in 2011 and having racked up millions of members worldwide.

Survey Junkie is a common sight in many rankings of paid survey websites, and is one of the most trusted sites out there for legit paid surveys, even giving some lucky users the chance to earn more with more complex surveys or focus groups.

  • Established reputation
  • Quick sign-up process
  • No special skills required
  • Good customer service
  • Paypal Cash out
  • You may not qualify for surveys
  • Not Available in All Countries

2. SwagBucks

Paid surveys site Swagbucks is another noted veteran of the survey scene that has been running since 2005, and is known for more than just its surveys. One great feature of Swagbucks is its links with major retailers, so you can redeem your Swagbucks points for Amazon gift cards or PayPal money instead of cash, and you get £1 for every 100 points you earn. You can also cash in your credentials on the site for a greater range of store options as you get more experience, so you can then spend your points in Starbucks or the Apple store.

Swagbucks also integrates nicely into other areas of your life, and you can earn more points just by shopping at approved retailers online and watching their advertisements – so it’s a site that offers lots of options to get paid for surveys!

  • Established and trustworthy
  • Many Payout Options
  • User-friendly website/App
  • Different ways to earn points
  • It’s not available in all countries
  • A lot of work to earn points
  • Slow Customer service

3. LifePoints

One of the most scientific paid survey websites in this list, LifePoints selects surveys for you that fit your demographics and tend more towards consumer products such as cars, household products and consumer technology. The company was formed by the merger of two big names in the market research sector, so it is a well-known and trusted brand that has four and a half stars on Trustpilot.

Not only can you swap your LifePoints for high-street vouchers and PayPal money, but their software is great at matching you with products that you actually use, so you’ll find you’re doing surveys about things you enjoy more often than not. On average you’ll earn 100 points for a 15-minute survey, so you can make about £5 an hour if you’re working flat out, but some surveys will pay up to 600 points.

  • Variety of tasks and Rewards available
  • Earning opportunity for teens
  • Available everywhere
  • Most surveys take 10 minutes or less
  • Some glitches
  • A massive volume of emails
  • No mobile app
  • Non-existent customer service

4. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is known as one of the most prolific paid survey sites, sending out lots and lots of shorter surveys, but this is balanced with a much lower payout per survey. The average pay per survey is only 50p, but it has a much lower payout limit of just £2.50, so it’s a great option if you want to make money quickly.

Another factor to bear in mind is that there is a more stringent process to sign up, and they’ll ask you lots of questions about yourself to make sure you get targeted surveys, so the surveys will be tailored towards you if you don’t mind answering the questions. As with other big survey sites, you can also cash out your points for vouchers, especially iTunes and Apple vouchers, as well as air miles and PayPal credits instead of money.

  • Free to join
  • 100% legit
  • Loads of surveys everyday
  • Not a great way to earn lots of cash
  • Hard qualifying for surveys
  • Takes a long time to set up

5. InboxDollars

The factor that makes this site stand out is the sheer variety of activities you can take part in to earn money. You can get paid for surveys of course, but you can also watch adverts, make web searches, earn cashback and even play games for money.

This site displays your earnings as a cash figure rather than points, so it’s a nice change being able to see how much you’ll have and watching your money stack up, and you even get a signup bonus just for starting out! Kicking off is just a matter of answering a few demographic questions to tailor surveys to you, but be aware that the minimum payout threshold is a relatively high £20, so it may take a while to get cash in the bank.

  • $5 Signup Bonus
  • Earn Cash, Not Points
  • Variety of Payout Options
  • Easy Navigation
  • High Payout limit
  • Processing Fee
  • Limited survey opportunities
  • Risks with Third-Party Sites

6. QuickRewards

The QuickRewards model is another of those intermediary websites that connect you to other survey sites rather than generating their own surveys, making life easier for you if you’re serious about surveys. As the name suggests, speed is the aim here, and they make it as easy as possible to switch from one cash-generating activity to another on various sites so you’re always making money.

You can be taking online surveys, watching adverts, playing games online or getting paid to click, and QuickRewards is the portal from where you’ll switch between them and store your kitty of cash. Rewards are measured in points which can be converted into cash or gift cards for high street shops, and the current going rate is 10,000 points for £1, so you’ll need to put a bit of time into the platform before you can start withdrawing money.

  • 100% legit and free to join
  • Series of earning optioins
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Easy Navigation
  • Website outdated
  • Not available in all countries
  • Not going to replace a full-time job

7. Vindale Research

One of the best things about Vindale Research, when you’re looking for a paid survey online, is that it’s very scalable. It’s got everything from 50p quickie surveys all the way to bigger surveys that pay up to £50 a go, which makes it one of the highest paying paid surveys on the market. They claim to have paid out more than five million dollars over their lifetime to their users, and as one of the big players in the market, they are known to be reliable and offer legit paid surveys.

Other benefits include the ability to take part in other money-making activities such as focus groups and paid video watching, and you get a bonus just for signing up. The only downside is that, as with other more rigorous survey sites, their application process is long and how many surveys you get can depend on your demographic.

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • High paying rewards
  • Variety of ways to earn
  • Easy to use
  • High payout limit
  • Not available in all countries
  • Pays through PayPal only
  • May not qualify for surveys
  • Loads of Third party emails

8. Toluna

The best thing about Toluna is that they’re one of the biggest market research companies around, used by top FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies, so there’s never any shortage of surveys to do. They don’t limit the number of surveys and the variety of surveys that they offer is enormous, so it’s not difficult to find topics that interest you. Once you’ve done a paid online survey, you can earn in other ways such as through referrals or by playing games, and like other sites, you are paid in points that are converted into cash and vouchers

One of the downsides is the high payout threshold – you’ll need 30,000 points to make a withdrawal – but the high number and variety of surveys on offer mean it won’t be too difficult to get there.

  • free to join
  • 500 points sign up
  • Large selection of rewards
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • No referral bonus
  • Pays a bit low
  • Users report long waiting times on payouts

9. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the original online cash redemption providers, having offered services from coupons and online shopping cashback to paid video and advertisement options since 1996. They are also owned by the same company which runs Swagbucks, so there is a lot of trust and expertise built into the brand that separates it from less scrupulous providers. Their survey offering is easy to sign up to, doesn’t require too much information, and integrates nicely with their other features through the use of points, which you’ll get for every action you perform

One of the best things about the platform is that it offers one of the better-paid survey apps, so you can keep earning money on the go in a way that doesn’t diminish the quality of your experience.

  • It is free to join
  • Easy to use
  • Get Signup points
  • Reputable company
  • Not Avilable in all countries
  • Slow Customer Service

10. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel features a variety of ways to get paid for doing various tasks such as watching adverts or playing games, with their surveys section being one of the main avenues. One of the biggest selling points of this platform is the ease and convenience of cashing out, with the withdrawal threshold set at just £5 and loads of ways you can convert your points into vouchers, gift cards or even Bitcoins.

  • Good Reputation
  • Low payout threshold
  • Various ways to earn
  • No limits to surveys
  • Targeted emails
  • Disqualification from surveys
  • No mobile apps
  • Account closures

11. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is part of a global network of market research, opinion polling and survey companies, which means that they’re a trustworthy organization and their data mining capabilities are quite high. What that means for you is that they are very good at sending you relevant, interesting surveys that match your demographic no matter where in the world you are.

While what you get paid for surveys is pretty average, clocking in between £1 and £5 per submission, many of their surveys are actually interesting and fun to take part in because they’re so well-tailored, so you’ll find working on them is much easier. Their paid surveys can be on any topic, from politics to brands or sports, and they pay in anything from cash to Amazon, PayPal or Visa credits. They also have handy paid survey apps so you can earn on the go.

  • Excellent pay rate
  • Fun and short Surveys
  • Payments are processed instantly
  • Available in different language
  • No cash
  • Poor customer support
  • Limited cashout channels

12. Survey Club

Unlike many of the other sites in this guide, Survey Club is more of an intermediary between survey sites rather than a surveyor of its own – though it does produce a limited number of in-house surveys. Instead, it functions to connect you with surveys put out by the other big survey companies all in one place, so you don’t have to have loads of accounts, and it keeps all your earnings in one wallet too.

You can take your cash out when you earn £25, or you can swap the money for Amazon and PayPal vouchers instead, and there is the chance that you might be invited to take part in a longer study or focus group that pays much more: sometimes as much as £50 to £200 per hour!

  • Available Internationally
  • Focus group connections
  • Large diversity of surveys
  • Good customer support
  • Cash, not points
  • Wait times for payout
  • Working with a Middleman
  • Long Qualifying for Surveys

13. Pinecone Research

As one of the most exclusive survey sites, Pinecone Research can be difficult to get on to. In fact, it’s so exclusive that they sign you up, not the other way around. While it’s easier to get an invitation to participate if you’re in a particularly lucrative or niche demographic, it’s worth signing up anyway because their survey payouts can be very lucrative. The least they tend to pay for a short survey is £3, and the cash just goes up from there the longer or more complex the survey is.

As well as surveys, Pinecone has a range of other options to earn money including product testing that lets you keep the product after you’ve reviewed it! While you may not get too many surveys out of this site, it’s definitely worth the time to sign up as it really is one of the best paid survey sites out there.

  • Legit market research platform
  • High Payouts
  • No minimum cashouts
  • Multiple reward options
  • No mobile app
  • Limited number of surveys
  • Limited membership
  • Outdated site

14. YouGov

YouGov focuses primarily on questions related to news and current affairs, which makes them an unusual choice that you may find fun. As a result, the variety of questions are good and they tend to be tailored to your views, which is great if you like to talk, but their payment threshold is £50, so it will take a little while before you’re able to withdraw at 50p a survey.

  • Available in many different countries
  • Unique Screening out
  • Good referral scheme
  • several ways of earning
  • Large points threshold for cash out
  • Surveys can be clunky on certain devices
  • You might be disqualified
  • Take a while to get paid

15. OnePoll

OnePoll specialises in quick and up to the minute surveys about current events, entertainment and the media, so they’re different from the norm. However, there are very few long-form surveys that pay more, and with a £50 withdrawal limit, you’ll have to do a lot of their 20p surveys before you’re even close to getting paid. They also only pay in cash, no gift cards, which is less flexible.

  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Wide variety of surveys
  • Available as different devices
  • Simple, clean and easy to follow interface
  • Low earning potential
  • High Minimum Payout Threshold
  • Long waiting payouts

16. Global Test Market

This qualifies as perhaps one of the easiest to use survey websites on the market, in just about every way. Not only is everything explained by video, but there’s also not nearly as much of the jumping through hoops to get paid for surveys or register that exist in some other sites. One downside is that it’s heavily based on demographics, so you may simply not qualify to sign up if you’re not what they need.

  • It is Free to Join
  • Have Interesting Surveys
  • Available in different countries
  • Bad customer service
  • Risk of account suspension
  • Slow payouts

17. VIP Voice

The VIP Voice model is a strange one, so we’ll start with the downside: They don’t pay in cash at all and you might not get anything for completing surveys. The upside, however, is that your rewards are entries into auctions and prize draws that mean you might actually get a lot more money than usual if you’re persistent and lucky. The model will either entice you or put you right off, but it’s a fun and different approach!

  • Free to Join
  • No Spam
  • High Value Prizes
  • No mobile app
  • Not available in all countries
  • Rewards can a long time

18. iPoll

One of the more popular places to take a paid survey online, iPoll has been based largely around paid survey apps, so they’re short, easy and perfect for completing on the go. The variety and value of these surveys are limited compared to browser-based options, but there really is no better way to make quick money on the train on the way to work, or even jogging in the park.

  • Sign up easy and free
  • Anyone over 17 can sign up
  • App has good reviews
  • Available in most Countries
  • Low pay
  • Technical problems
  • Accounts may get suspended
  • Take weeks to receive payments

19. One Opinion

OnePoll specialises in quick and up to the minute surveys about current events, entertainment and the media, so they’re different from the norm. However, there are very few long-form surveys that pay more, and with a £50 withdrawal limit, you’ll have to do a lot of their 20p surveys before you’re even close to getting paid. They also only pay in cash, no gift cards, which is less flexible.
  • High-quality site
  • Instant point rewards
  • 24/7 customer support
  • It is suitable for teenagers
  • Hard to qualify
  • Technical problems
  • payment rate is low
  • Not available in all countries

20. MindsPay

Open to US residents over the age of 18, MindsPay gives its users access to a portal where they can choose to fill out surveys from five survey sites. You get a small cash bonus for signing up, and to take surveys you log-in and follow the links on the portal. These all go to third-party sites, so you do need to manually sort through the survey options and choose the ones you want to take.
  • The website is simple and easy to use
  • Sign up bonus
  • Good referral program
  • Variety of money-making opportunities
  • low-value rewards
  • Several complaints about being unpaid
  • A high cash-out threshold
  • Only US residents can register

How can you make money with paid surveys?

Have you ever wondered how you can make money with paid surveys? Then let us explain!

Companies or organizations often want to collect data from consumers in order to help influence the decisions they make about their products and services. And as part of this, if you qualify for their particular questionnaire or study then they will usually offer some sort of compensation for the time and effort that it takes to complete this, and this also helps to encourage respondents to answer the questions as honestly as possible too.

With online paid surveys, the organization that has created the survey wants to get the highest value possible from it, and by running a paid online survey, this will help them to capture the information they want.

Now that you know what a paid survey online is, you probably want to know how you can get started! Well the first thing to need to do is find some reputable paid survey websites, and sign up for those that you feel offer the highest level of compensation – it really couldn’t be easier! This will involve you answering some simple qualifying questions, completing the paid survey to the best of your ability, waiting for it to be verified by the organisation, before finally receiving payment for the amount that was agreed up front!

As we’re sure you have realized by now, making money from legit paid surveys and paid survey apps really couldn’t be more straightforward.

How will I get Paid for surveys?

After putting it lots of time and effort into completing the paid survey to the highest standard, you will want to know how and when you will receive your earnings. Most paid online surveys companies and platforms offer payments in several different ways, such as via PayPal, receiving an electronic or paper check and earning points that can be used for gift cards or prizes which may have a higher value.

It is important that you are aware that when it comes to receiving your earnings, most of the best paid surveys sites will require you to reach a certain minimum payout amount before you will receive any money, gift cards or prizes.

In addition, you should also understand that some platforms may not offer you the opportunity to get paid for surveys unless you live in a particular country. For example, most will primarily focus on countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States, and you may find that some only extend this to a few other European countries or more of an international community. Therefore when it comes to considering how to get paid for surveys, you need to ensure that the platform or organization that you use will pay based on where you live.

Paid Online Survey Tips:

It couldn’t be easier to make money from paid surveys at home, as no special equipment, training or qualifications is required.

However, there are some top tips that you should follow if you are looking to make as much money as you can from paid surveys on the internet in the shortest amount of time. These include:

  • Only signing up for legit paid surveys websites that appear to be reputable.
  • Ensuring all of your information is completely filled in and is kept honest too.
  • Taking the time to clarify that it is possible for you to make money through paid surveys with that particular company.
  • Signing up to the company’s newsletter, notifications, or app in order to get access to the best surveys that you can.
  • Completing as many paid surveys as possible.
  • Ensuring that as soon as you have reached the minimum payment level, you cash-out your earnings as soon as possible..

How to avoid paid surveys scams:

As with many things on the internet, unfortunately paid surveys scams are just another fact of life today, and scammers have worked out that they can set up a website or survey quickly and easily. Instead of actually providing you with compensation, these websites are only focused on capturing your personal information and email address for fraudulent reasons, and alarm bells should ring if you are asked to pay money in order to receive the opportunity to earn from paid surveys.

Here are some tips to help you avoid paid survey scams:

  • Ensure that you check all reviews before you sign up to a website, in order to confirm that it is reputable.
  • Ensure that if a paid survey has an unusually long qualification process, that this is avoided.
  • Remember that surveys should only ever be paying you – you should never have to pay money in order to complete them.
  • If paid online surveys have minimum payouts that seem unachievable or unrealistic, make sure you avoid them.
  • As with all things in life, remind yourself that if something appears too good to be true, then usually it is.

By researching the web, we can find the organizations that conduct their own market research, or at no cost to members will connect users to survey panels.

We ensure that sites must offer:

  • Free membership
  • A sign up proces that is simple
  • A user experience that is good
  • Surveys that can be completed
  • Cash or redeemable points reward
  • A privacy policy and a Terms of Service
  • An easy and clear way of unsubscribe from mailings
  • The opportunity to contact support if needed.

You can triple the amount of surveys offers available by checking out  our paid online survey reviews today.

When it comes to completing paid surveys online, the most important thing to remember is that if a particular website or platform is promising that they will pay you $100 to fill out a 10-minute survey, then they are probably lying and you should avoid them completely. As we have established, if you are looking to increase your income in a quick and easy way, paid surveys provide a great option – especially if you want to pay off a debt, fund your retirement or simply improve your quality of life.

However, you need to remember that although they do not provide a way to get rich quickly, you can easily add to your wallet or bank account by approaching paid survey opportunities in a realistic way. You should also be cautious of any claims regarding the fact that it is possible to earn a large amount of money by completing legit paid surveys, as this is probably missing some facts.

By taking the time to reach the information on this website, although you will not be able to completely replace your income, you will be able to create a second income for yourself in a quick and easy way. We are committed to only listing legit paid survey sites. We do this by asking contributors to our site to share their own experiences and research, which helps you to make a decision that is completely informed when signing up to the best paid survey sites so that you can start earning money and rewards.


Can you really make money with online surveys?
Definitely, if you’re smart with your sign-up strategy and make sure to avoid scams or poorly paying sites. Avoid sites that seem too good to be true – they usually are.
What online surveys pay the most?
The best surveys are longer market research focus groups or clinical surveys which can pay as much as $600. These are few and far between but well worth your time
How do I withdraw from paid survey sites?
Survey sites will give you plenty of options to withdraw, but check the minimum withdrawal figure first and make sure you can choose cash or vouchers if that’s what you’d like.
Which sites offer legit paid surveys?
The best option is to stick to ones owned by large and well-known companies. Never pay to sign up, because these sites tend to be scams.
Are paid surveys worth the time and effort?
While filling in surveys isn’t a full-time career, if you have the spare time they can be a useful, fun and convenient way to top up your income.
What questions do survey sites ask
The honest answer is anything at all, but common questions are about products or spending habits. Some sites ask specific types of question such as about politics or celebs, so you can choose which sites ask the questions you want to answer.

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