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1. Super Charge Your Bonus Payouts!
We believe in paying affiliates the most we can possibly afford.

Everyday, we are consistently finding ways to help affiliates increase their revenue by increasing conversions, adding new niches, and paying the highest affiliate commission on the Internet. From the beginning, we have decided to take the ‘Walmart’ approach by running on high sales volume and passing the big profits over to you. This means no merchant will be able to offer you a better payout than us…we guarantee that!

Unlike most merchants who pay lousy commissions, we believe in paying the most because we know that you’ll be able to reach a bigger market and get above your competitors on Google and Overture. This reason alone is turning ‘small affiliates’ into ‘Super Affiliates’ practically overnight because they can finally afford to stand up to the competition and get the neccessary traffic to reach high sales volumes.

Just recently we have decided to step it up another notch by paying affiliates up to 100% per sale! This is NO spelling mistake. We are now paying highest bonuses possible and also combining your sales from all of our products into 1 bonus to help you reach even higher bonus levels. So lets say you make 50 sales with ‘Paid-Surveys’, 35 sales with ‘People-Search’, and 25 sales with ‘Affiliate Money Tree’ this month, you would still receive a bonus because we will combine them all together. Not only that, we even include refunds into your sales calculations!

As you can see, we are doing our best to make sure you will always make the most with your traffic.
We are very flexible with your ideas and have a full time programmer to add any Google or Overture tracking codes or anything else to jumpstart your commissions. 

2. We only use Clickbank, which means you get 100% of all of your Sales! This means no traffic or sales leaks . 

3. We upsell our customers to ensure you make enormous commissions! is tested and proven to outperform all competing products in the Industry. Every element of has been tested for maximum conversions . We average 1:20 sales!  

5. Google & Overture Conversion Tracking – If you use Google Adwords and/or Overture, we’ll add your Conversion Tracking Code to our thank you page! This means you’ll get to know exactly which keywords are making you sales and which keywords are not. This service has proven to increase sales for affiliates many times fold! Try it out and see! We would be happy to add your tracking code.


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WHO PAYS YOU?… CLICKBANK is The Most Trusted 3rd Party Affiliate Program On the Internet! Checks come TWICE A MONTH (1st and the 15th) ad are Always On Time.

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Contact us at [email protected] if you need
us to add your Google or Overture Conversion Tracking code.

Please see our monthly PayPal Bonus Payout plan below:

500-999 memberships sold

75% Commission + $1,500 Paypal Bonus

1000-1499 memberships sold

75% Commission + $3,000 Paypal Bonus

1500-1999 memberships sold

75% Commission + $6,000 Paypal Bonus

2000-2499 memberships sold

75% Commission + $8,000 Paypal Bonus

2500-2999 memberships sold

75% Commission + $12,000 Paypal Bonus

3000+ memberships sold

75% Commission + $15,000 Paypal Bonus

You make 75% per sale each time someone you send to us orders our product. If you sell more than 100 products in a month we pay you a (PayPal) Bonus! Please contact us if you plan on making more than 100 sales a month and we’ll add you into our PayPal bonus system.



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