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Got questions before becoming a PaidSurveys.net member?

Any question you may have can be answered by reading our FAQ below. Please make sure to read this page before contacting us. Chances are your question is answered here.  Join Now

Q : What is a Market Research Company?

A: A Market Research company is a company that a major consumer company hires to conduct surveys and research regarding their products and/or services. They use Market Research companies to ensure that their surveys are completely accurate and unbiased. Without these Market Research companies, the industries of today would not receive the information they require to improve their products in order to satisfy their customers. Join Now

Q : What is a focus group?

A : A focus group is a group of random people put together by the Market Research companies to review and discuss certain products and/or services. There are two different types of focus groups you can be involved in: Online and in person. The benefit of the “in person” focus groups is that you in a normal conversational atmosphere. You are more likely to give your honest opinions when you can see and touch the products that you are discussing. Each different kind of focus group is effective and gets the job done. Join Now

Q : How do I register for surveys?

A : If you refer to the “Intro” page after you login, you will find a step-by-step guide showing you exaclty the proper steps to take when registering and beginning your paid surveys career. It is very simple and quick! You are guided through every step so that you have a clear understanding of the process and can on your own maintain a steady career. Join Now

Q : What is Roboform?

A : Roboform is the number one form filler software. Roboform remembers all your passwords and user names, completes survey information for you as well as registering information. You can save yourself a lot of time by using Roboform and be able to fill out more surveys in less time. Roboform is a free software! All the serious paid survey members use this and it makes their business that much easier. Join Now

Q : How many surveys can I take?

A : You can take as many or as little surveys as you like! You are in complete control over your paid surveys business and you decide how many surveys you would like to take in a hour, a day or a year! Join Now

Q : What do I do if I want to stop taking surveys?

A : If you one day decide that paid surveys is no longer for you, all you have to do is stop taking surveys. It’s that simple! Stop responding to invitations and eventually they will stop inviting you. Join Now

Q : What kind of surveys are there?

A :There are thousands of different surveys regarding thousands of different products and services. You will find a large amount of surveys that you would be interesting in completing no matter what your interests are. You will never find yourself bored with paid surveys online! Join Now

Q : How much money can I make?

A :The amount of money you make solely depends on the amount of surveys you complete. The more surveys you complete and the more Market Research companies you register with, the more money you can make! With paid surveys, you have to put the time into your surveys to make money. Join Now

Q : Can I really get paid for my opinions?

A : Yes you can!!! It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it isn’t! Here you can get paid just for sharing your opinions on thousands of different products and services! All you have to do is take less than 5mins out of your day for each survey and you are in business! It is as easy as that, guaranteed!! Don’t waste this opportunity, start sharing your opinions for cash and prizes! Join Now

Q : How long do the surveys take?

A : On average you can spend less than 10 minutes on each survey. There are none that take longer than 15 minutes. You can anywhere from six to ten surveys per hour. To make this process faster you should take advantage of the FREE Roboform Software. Join Now

Q : Is there any software or computer required to participate?

A : There are absolutely no computer or software requirments! You can use any software you want as long as you are able to view this website! Join Now

Q : Can anyone do this, even if I don’t live in the United States?

A : For almost every paid survey site you will find that their only requirement is that you are over 18years old. You will find in our database the locations where these survey offers are available. There are very few that are restricted to certain countries so you will never have a problem finding surveys that you are qualified to complete. You may run into some surveys that occassionally are directed towards a certain age group or a certain area of interest. Join Now

Q : How do I get paid for surveys, by the hour or by the survey?

A : Getting paid is something that everyone is concerned about. When you register with each different Market Research company you will find that some pay you with prizes and others in cash. You are always paid by the survey. If you participate in focus groups than you may be paid by the hour depending on the length of the discussion you are involved in. Each individual company varies a little, but you will always be paid fairly. Join Now

Q : Who is paying me?

A : There may be some confusion regarding who is paying you. We do not pay you, the Market Reseach companies that you register with and complete your surveys with are the companies who are responsible for paying you for your time and opinions. Join Now

Q : Do I need to have a PayPal Account to join?

A : PayPal is a very convenient way to receive your payments. Most companies you complete surveys for will offer this form of payment, but it is not something that you have to use. If you are uncomfortable with this form of payment you can of course request a check to be sent by postal mail as an alternative. PayPal is however, free to join and completely reliable and trustworthy. Join Now

Q : How do I know that these companies are actually going to pay me?

A : We have taken the time to thoroughly investigate the companies that are in our database and we are 100% sure that you can trust them. You will be paid for your time and opinions on time and regularly,depending on your survey participation. This is something that you do not have to worry about. If you do suspect that you are not being paid or you have a problem with one of the companies in our database please contact us immediately so we can rectify this for you. Join Now

Q : Can I complete my surveys from any computer?

A : As long as you have your membership login information, you can log in from any computer, anywhere and register and complete surveys. This is one of the great factors of this career. You can work from anywhere in the world! Join Now

Q : Can I participate in the same surveys as others, are there enough surveys for everyone?

A : Each survey company comes out with new surveys weekly if not daily. There are thousands of different surveys to complete and hundreds of other people completing the same surveys as you. This is completely fine! You will never run out of surveys to complete. Join Now

Q : What happens if I lose my password and username?

A : Do not worry if you have lost, misplaced or forgotten your password and/or username. Contact us and we will promptly send you the information you require so that you are not missing out on survey time! Join Now

Q : Do I need to fit a certain “profile” to successfully complete these surveys?

A : The profiles that you are required to complete during your registration for any of our companies is very important to your survey career. These profiles are what the companies use to match you up with surveys that interest you. It is important to give as much information and detail as you possibly can so that you can receive as many survey invitations as possible. There is no specific profile type that the companies are looking for. They are looking for everyone! Join Now