LifePoints Review 2024: Can You Make Genuine Money?

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LifePoints Review

This survey site is a legit rewards platform that can serve as a decent side gig on your spare time. You’ll get the promised points once you successfully completed the surveys or tasks. Moreover, the moment you have collected sufficient points, you’ll witness that the rewards are indeed real.




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LifePoints, a survey website that pays users in gift cards or cash for completing questionnaires, has become one of the largest platforms of its kind. It formed due to the merger between Lightspeed and MySurvey in 2019 and now has over 5 million active users.

Lifepoints survey has gained a reputation for ease of use and the variety of surveys available. Its size and customer base make it one of the most influential names on the market. Many mainstream brands look to their site for customer input, using the valuable data gathered to make product decisions and change how they interact with the public.

Our comprehensive review of LifePoints delves into the world of earning points through participating in surveys. The review aims to provide valuable information for potential users, enabling them to decide whether LifePoints surveys align with their interests and goals. So let’s begin!

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a free online survey site that gives users a financial reward for voicing their opinions via various questionnaires. Due to its merger, it has become one of the largest and most popular survey sites online. It operates in over 70 countries and has more than 5 million members worldwide. LifePoints brand is truly a global brand and wields a vast influence.

The surveys available on the site vary in length and difficulty. Users can accumulate points through participation in surveys and exchange them for various rewards, including gift cards from popular retailers, a cash payout, or even a donation to a charity of their choice.

The company has implemented strict data protection policies in accordance with international laws, as outlined on the official website, to ensure the secure handling of personal information.

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The LifePoints Community is an exciting free online platform with over 10 million members that rewards you for completing surveys and other activities.

How does LifePoints survey work?

Upon registering, individuals are requested to supply demographic and personal information. This information enables the platform to tailor surveys that align with their interests and lifestyles, ensuring a relevant and meaningful survey experience.

The style of the surveys also varies. Some are straightforward question-and-answer-style interviews, while others take the form of quick polls, data collection, and even product testing. The number of points on offer is swiftly displayed, helping users decide which surveys they wish to take. A few poll commissioners will pay more for rapid completion if they urgently need to gather data to make a quick decision.

While the lengths of surveys depend on the nature of the questions and the poll style, the majority take roughly ten minutes to complete. Longer and more in-depth surveys can take up to half an hour, but the average time for completion is flagged before a user starts answering questions. Sometimes the platform allows users to earn points for partially completed surveys. Even if the survey is incomplete, the platform rewards users for their efforts in completing the sections they have finished.

Signing up to LifePoints

It’s easy to create an account. LifePoints requires users to supply personal details, including their name, email address, and a strong password, to ensure secure access.

New users are encouraged to fill in more information to help direct them to the surveys they will find most relevant and exciting. Additional information includes ethnicity, income, employment status, the number of people in their household, and more general lifestyle questions.

If users are happy to submit their personal information, then the LifePoints platform can use the data to target them more effectively. Users can see a dashboard displaying the new surveys available when they log in to their accounts. The site also sends out notifications when a new survey becomes available, providing users with more opportunities to earn rewards.

Newcomers receive a bonus of 10 points, allowing them to start earning rewards immediately. A further 10 points are earned by completing their profile information, which enhances the accuracy of survey selection and tailoring.

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LifePoints Survey Rewards

Points are earned through the platform by the number of surveys completed or partially completed, with the exact number of points dictated by the survey length, the response to the questions, and how far through the process they get. With a steady supply of new surveys, the earning potential will increase for customers willing to invest time and effort.

5,500 points are worth approximately $5. The rewards with the Lifepoints survey app will vary depending on the user’s location. Once users have earned enough points on the site, these can be exchanged for rewards.

Rewards can include:

  • PayPal credit
  • Gift cards for major retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and eBay
  • Donation to a preferred charity

The rewards offered by LifePoints are very generous compared to many survey sites. This is primarily thanks to the size of the company and its global reach, giving it greater access to partners that sign up for the rewards programs.

Is my information safe?

Yes. LifePoints doesn’t give away or sell the contact details or personal information of its members and they carry no advertising on their website. It’s also worth noting that LifePoints survey calculates results collectively, so your responses will always be combined with those offered by other members.

Although clients can analyze the results, they can’t access members’ individual identities. LifePoints also guarantees that your personal data will never be shared, revealed, sold or traded with third parties unless you give them permission to do so.

Other Cool Features

LifePoints matches customers to surveys based on previous answers, offering a completion bonus. The platform provides not only standard surveys, but also daily challenges that can elevate earnings. By participating in these challenges for 30 consecutive days, users are rewarded with a second bonus that propels their points to new heights.

A well-designed platform that is straightforward to navigate, LifePoints makes it simple to locate interesting surveys that align with a user’s interests and shopping behavior. It’s essential to recognize the significance of this site, as the responses provided by users taking surveys play a significant role in shaping the brands that utilize the platform.

The immense sense of satisfaction comes with knowing that the answers you provide are shaping some of the world’s largest companies.

Is LifePoints a scam?

No. LifePoints survey is legit and credible, created by a company with a global reputation to uphold. While the merger may have only formed in 2019, the site has quickly become one of the market’s most widely used and trusted survey sites, with more than 5 million customers worldwide.

The earning potential of LifePoints rises when users are eager to share their information and viewpoints. Like all survey platforms, the rewards received are related to the effort put forth by the user. Users can expect to reap more substantial long-term rewards by participating in more surveys and committing time.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the LifePoints survey site:


  • LifePoints survey app available on Android and iOS apps
  • A vast choice of surveys
  • Majority of surveys take under 10 minutes to complete
  • Many reward options, including cash and gift cards
  • Very flexible – surveys are always available
  • You earn points even if you don’t complete each survey


  • Customer service is reported to be poor
  • Hard to build up earnings if you’re not an active user
  • You won’t qualify to take all surveys
  • Surveys may halt mid-completion due to disqualification

The rewards received are proportional to the effort invested. Thus, the more surveys completed, the greater the long-term rewards. But, those searching for a quick source of income may find that LifePoints survey is not the ideal solution.

The Verdict: Is LifePoints Survey Worth It?

In short, yes! This LifePoints review has demonstrated how straightforward it is to register and utilize the site, with ample incentives for those who dedicate time and energy. With a vast selection of surveys and polls, it stands out among other survey sites and makes it easy for users to find a questionnaire of interest.

LifePoints offers many appealing features, such as bonus surveys, boosters, and a diverse selection of rewards. Among survey sites, it stands out for its ample incentives and the options of cash payments or gift cards from a vast array of major retailers.

LifePoints is a reward-rich survey platform that provides an entertaining experience for individuals who like answering surveys and polls. With a broad range of survey lengths to choose from, users can conveniently find a survey that fits their available time.

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