Quest Mindshare Review – Legit Paid Survey Site or a Scam?

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What is Quest Mindshare?

Quest Mindshare is a growing, exciting and financially rewarding online panel which allows its members to make quick bucks.

You can earn cash by taking online surveys which usually take 10 minutes on average to complete. Topics are diverse and range from political issues to product opinions.

The best part is that the website just pays cash and there is no complicated points system. And its music rating surveys can earn you as much as $90.

You are rewarded as soon as a study wraps up and can get payments credited to your PayPal account or get gift cards to online retailers.

Quest Mindshare member benefits:

  • Free signup
  • It is safe and easy to join
  • Earn swift cash for taking surveys
  • Surveys take only 10 minutes
  • Earn as much as $90 on music rating surveys
Quest Mindshare – Get Paid to Take Surveys
Price: FREE

Quest Mindshare, established in 2003, has one of the most flexible and extensive group of online panel assets in the industry.

Quest Mindshare Review

Online survey sites offer stay-at-home bodies a way to make a little cash on the side. There are quite a few of these sites where you can participate in surveys, special offers, and/or market research in exchange for cash.

These websites are free to join and come with the promise of making some extra money which you can use for girls’ night out or a new pair of shoes.

The income level is up to you. The more you participate and qualify, the more you make. By sharing you opinions by taking surveys, you earn extra cash. You can work whenever you want you and you don’t have a boss.

Sounds great, right? Well, unfortunately, some of these sites aren’t so honest. Some of these sites are straight up scams.

Today, I’m going to check out Quest Mindshare and let you know if it’s real or a scam.

Is Quest Mindshare a real company?

Quest Mindshare is a get-paid-to survey site. It offers users numerous surveys to complete for varying amounts of money. There’s no point system for redeeming towards cash payouts. Instead, you get paid straight cash via PayPal.

It’s free to sign up and easy to navigate through their website. Once a member, you can start participating in various surveys.

They ask that you complete your profile by answering numerous questions in categories such as Household, Education, Hobbies and Interests, Healthcare, and so on. This is to refine your survey profile.

You can still participate in the surveys regardless if you complete your profile or not.

The information they need is your email, gender, age, what country you live in, and, if you want to get paid, your PayPal account.

As a consumer you have many opinions to share. Make sure to read our ZoomBucks review, Media Rewards review, and BigSpot review.

How to earn rewards with Quest Mindshare?

You make money with Quest Mindshare by sharing your opinion through surveys. That’s it. They have various surveys in multiple topics. You complete a survey for a specified amount of money.

Once you reach $12.50, (In the US) you can get paid out via your PayPal. You can also request an Amazon card once you’ve reached $10, if that’s what you’d prefer. The surveys average $2-$5 for a ten minute survey.

Even though the site says there are no surveys longer than then minutes, some of them are, but they offer higher pay.

There’s even a music survey with a payout of $90. You complete the surveys, once it’s completed and verified shortly after, the amount goes directly into your account.

What’s good about Quest Mindshare?

There are a couple reasons to join the site. Quest Mindshare is free to sign up and takes minutes to start sharing your opinion after you verify your account by clicking a link sent to your email address.

The paid survey website is easy to navigate and they offer ways to contact support if you run into any problems.

As a member you have the choice of payment through PayPal or an Amazon gift card. Quest Mindshare promises not to sell your info to a third party company.

What’s not so good about Quest Mindshare?

There are negativities that must be considered when joining Quest Mindshare. As a member you need patience as you must reach $12.50 before PayPal payout.

Quest Mindshare is surveys only, no other ways of making money. Lastly, you need to enable cookies for better use of the website.

Is Quest Mindshare legit or a scam?

I checked Quest Mindshare reviews online. Most were good to great. There’s always going to be someone not pleased. All in all people said like this paid survey site. They get paid when they’re supposed to. The verdict is its a legit paid survey site to join.

There’s plenty of surveys to choose from. The fact that there isn’t a point system is great; your surveys are worth solid cash.

They aren’t accredited with the BBB, but they have both Facebook and Twitter, so obviously they aren’t afraid of what the public has to say.

If you have the patience to put the time in needed to complete the surveys, you can definitely make some extra money.

What are your thoughts?

We appreciate it if you would leave a comment below.

  • Do you take online surveys for cash, PayPal, or gift cards?
  • Are you a member of this survey site?
  • Do you have helpful tips to share with our site visitors?
  • Is this survey site a legit way to earn extra income from home?
  • Do you think this site is a scam and a waste of time?
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