Survey Junkie Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time?

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Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie is an online community with over 11 million members offering a simple way to take paid surveys. The Survey Junkie app pays users for sharing their opinions. Each survey is worth a certain number of points worth 10-90 points. Once you reach a minimum of 1,000 points, you can redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Safe & Legit
Pay Per Survey
Earning Potential
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Founded in 2005, Survey Junkie endeavors to bring users’ voices to the attention of big brand companies. The app boasts a member base of over 3 million, but the number of active users is unclear.

Survey Junkie provides an effortless way to earn extra cash online, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are better options than this if you’re in a tight spot and looking to save up or pay off any debt in a hurry. However, if you have a lot of free time during your leisure and commute, Survey Junkie is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money.

Discover the complete picture of Survey Junkie through our in-depth review. Here, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how it operates and the fantastic opportunities it presents. Continue reading to learn more!

Overview Of Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a platform that compensates users for participating in online surveys. The company is proud to facilitate the connection between its community and leading brands, impacting the world and streamlining the product development process by evaluating new ideas beforehand.

Survey Junkie – Make An Extra $200 Per Month
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Survey Junkie is an online community with over 12 million users dedicated to making your voice heard. Get Paid for sharing your opinions!

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Taking surveys through Survey Junkie is a great way to earn extra income online. It’s a legitimate way to help pay for a nice dinner with the family or cover a monthly cable bill. The platform allows the user to complete surveys and receive rewards. As a member of the site, you participate in survey panels. Anyone over 18 who resides in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or the United States can participate in surveys. Members will not get rich by taking surveys.

Earning money has become simpler with the introduction of online surveys. Survey Junkie, a trusted site since 2005, offers numerous ways to earn cash rewards by answering questions about products or services. Despite receiving 280 complaints, which were all resolved, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the negative reviews have been satisfactorily addressed through private contact with the company due to privacy concerns regarding personal information on public forums.

Survey Junkie has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot and more than 12,800 reviews from customers who say they’ve earned money through the site’s survey opportunities!

Survey Junkie and other survey sites are improving our lives by providing new ways for us to earn extra income and assist with research. This is thanks to the innovative efforts of companies seeking to simplify our lives.

Is Survey Junkie Safe?

Survey Junkie is a trustworthy site with safe practices. Unlike other survey platforms, the app offers transparency into how the information is shared and handled to preserve your privacy when you express your honest opinions. It is a legitimate site that doesn’t share your personal information with third parties. You can also opt for secure payment through PayPal or an e-gift card if you are concerned about sharing bank details to transfer earnings from Survey Junkie.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

You can earn two ways with this site: through the rewards system (earning points for cash, gift cards, or sweepstakes entries) or becoming an elite member whose opinions have even more weight in survey selection. The membership is $5 per month, but it’s worth every penny. The platform considers your opinion when deciding what products to test before they hit stores across America – how cool would that be?

While signing up is easy, the catch is that if you don’t earn reward credits within 14 days, your account will be expired automatically.

Register An Account With Survey Junkie

Sign up with Survey Junkie in just a few minutes; it’s free and easy! You can create your account by signing up using Facebook or Google. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive confirmation of the email address entered to complete your registration process. Quickly log into the site and start earning rewards today!

Earn Survey Junkie Reward Points

Survey Junkie is a website that offers many ways to earn rewards in exchange for completing questionnaires. You can also get paid by taking surveys, phone surveys, and joining online or in-person focus groups. The potential earnings from surveys could reach up to $100 per hour, based on our experience and Survey Junkie’s earnings claims. Also, payments may vary depending on which topic the user chooses and how long it takes to complete the survey. This site has had great success so far!

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

The primary means for earning points is survey completion. Although, there are different ways you can earn points. One way that it is different from other sites is how they pay their users. Some of the survey sites will give you cash for each survey completed. Survey Junkie gives you points for the surveys that you have completed.

Survey Junkie offers a wide range of surveys from 20-200, with the added benefit of instantly receiving your points upon completion. Other survey sites make you wait 24 hours, but Survey Junkie is known for its helpful and friendly customer service in resolving any points-related issues. You can further enhance your points balance by referring friends, participating in questionnaires, or performing simple tasks.

You may ask, “What can I expect to earn from Survey Junkie?” The amount you make depends on your free time and available surveys on the platform. The payout is not fixed and can vary. However, you could receive anywhere from $0.50-$3 per survey. Participating in product testing or focus groups can increase your earnings from up to $5-$150 – a convenient way to make extra cash for those who love giving their product opinions.

Survey Junkie Sign Up

Expected Earnings On Survey Junkie By Task

Take Surveys

You Can Earn Between 1 – 150 points. Note that 1000 points is equivalent to 10 USD

Upon logging in, the dashboard showcases a list of surveys with their respective point values and estimated completion times. Survey Junkie redirects you to the client’s servers, where each client has a unique page design and set of questions tailored to what they aim to survey.

If you’re a perfect match for the demographic, the platform will reward your participation with points or an incentive to answer more questions. If there are too many participants or they think you don’t fit their demographics, they may still award some points as consolation. When enough surveys are available, Survey Junkie will email you to let you know – so keep an eye on your inbox!

Complete Phone Surveys

You Can Earn Between 5 – 100 USD

Did you know that phone surveys are more accurate than online ones? They work the same as an online survey, though a researcher will call and ask about your experience with their product or service. Phone surveys are only available sometimes – typically once per month at most.

Test Products

You Can Earn Between 5 – 50 USD

Survey Junkie is looking for product testers! They will send you the product when selected for product testing, and you get to keep it. Later on, you’ll take an online survey and share your experience using it.

To qualify as a tester, all interested parties must fill out a questionnaire that assesses qualifications such as past consumer behavior regarding products like these or if they’ve ever participated in other similar studies.

Join Focus Groups

You Can Earn Between 25 – 150 USD

Focus groups are a great way to get first-hand knowledge about products or services to improve or change accordingly. They can also provide information on what people like and dislike, which will help improve the product! Focus Groups work online and offline, with one meeting every month unless specified by Survey Junkie, giving you time between sessions to earn more cash through other opportunities, such as short surveys that take no less than 5 minutes each, but only if you are approved!

Unlock More Surveys With Junkie Pulse Browser Extension

Install their browser extension to earn extra points on the Survey Junkie website. The extension will automatically search your web browsing history and find surveys that greatly fit you! You’ll avoid tedious and repetitive information with 30 days of active participation. Plus, this service won’t collect personal data like bank accounts or passwords so any installation issues won’t put your information at risk.

How To Redeem Rewards?

1000 points = $10

Click “lifetime points” for your earnings history and see how close you are. There are plenty of ways to reach this level:

  • Take surveys until the point total is within reach.
  • Try a variety of other offers that will help push it over the edge.

Once reached, Survey Junkie offers many cash-out options – PayPal transfers, e-gift cards from retailers like Amazon – there’s something for everyone in our rewards catalog! Bank transfers are available to U.S. participants only.

If you prefer to receive your rewards in smaller amounts, steer clear of e-gift cards. Redeeming your rewards in $5 increments is required, making PayPal or bank transfer a more suitable option for you. Rest assured, your reward will never expire, and will be waiting for you when the time is right.

Advantages Of Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers an extra income opportunity. The intuitive interface and helpful FAQs ensure you have all the answers you need, while email notifications track when new surveys are available for your taking.

Simple And Easy To Use

You do not need any particular skill to navigate the Survey Junkie website, as it is easy to use. Unlike most survey sites today, Survey Junkie also has an intuitive interface and easy-to-learn platform, so you don’t need any special skills or software to sign up with them. The platform is accessible to anyone who wants extra cash without too much time commitment.

Flexible Rewards Options

Take charge of how you receive payment with Survey Junkie – pick between points, cash back, PayPal, bank transfer, or electronic gift cards. Whether you prefer a direct deposit or a gift card, they offer flexible payment options.

Email Notifications

Survey Junkie wants to ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity for rewards. They will send you an email notification if a new survey becomes available. It will also include other important information, such as survey topics, rewards, and completion time.

Low Payout Threhold

Survey Junkie is one of the few sites with a low payout threshold. The payout starts from $5, which puts them on par with other popular and reliable survey companies. New members can reach the payout limit in 1 – 3 months, depending on individual performance.

Good Customer Service

Survey Junkie offers excellent customer service for its registered users. When you click “help” on the top navigation bar, it will take you to its FAQ page with questions broken up into categories such as membership and surveys. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in their FAQs, you can contact customer support. By filling out a short form, someone from the Survey Junkies team will reach back; within 48 hours!

Disadvantages Of Survey Junkie

Surveys is not for everyone. Here is what might hold you back from registering for a survey service like Survey Junkie.


You can avoid answering the same questions repeatedly by updating your profile information. Survey Junkie uses your information to match you with surveys, so if you find yourself answering the same questions multiple times, it means you don’t qualify for a specific survey, so it’s time to move on!

Will Not Qualify For All Surveys

Do you need some quick cash? Survey Junkie may be for you! Most registered users qualify for about 25 percent of the available surveys. However, if they don’t get the chance to participate in a survey, then at least they still earn points worth up to $0.01-$0.04 each time – that’s equivalent to between one and four cents per hour, depending on how many hours it takes them just answering qualifying questions before getting turned away anyway!

Suppose members meet the consumer profile criteria required by these companies and organizations. In that case, you’ll have the chance to earn daily or every two days, with additional opportunities arising when others withdraw from participating in surveys.

Complaints From Users

Survey Junkie is a survey site with several complaints from users. There are three main complaints: difficulty cashing out earnings, inability to verify identity, and never receiving the gift card after redeeming their points.

The platform has an ongoing commitment to providing quality customer service. Seek help from the company if you suspect an issue with your account or earnings. You can expect their support team to get back to you within 48 hours!

Limited Earning Potential

Survey Junkie offers the chance to take surveys and earn extra money for personal or professional purposes. Although other online methods of generating income pay better, it is still a valuable option for those seeking an easy source of income.

Verdict: Is Survey Junkie Worth Exploring?

Online surveys are among the most common ways to make money from home, but it depends on several factors. If you need some extra cash fast, go for it, but if your time is worth more than a few dollars an hour, then taking online surveys isn’t for you.

Survey Junkie is the perfect way to make an extra $10 a month if you have some free time. Those who want something simple and easy to do while watching their favorite TV show in the evening will find Survey Junkie’s services worth exploring.

Survey Junkie will not disturb you with unwanted spam emails or notifications. If your schedule becomes too hectic to complete surveys after a 30-day trial, simply unsubscribe, and the account will be erased within five business days. We hope this review helps you make an informed choice.

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