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SurveySpot Review – Scam or a Legit Paid Survey Site?

What is SurveySpot?

SurveySpot is an online community where members share their opinions. It sends invitations for online surveys on the email addresses of its members and compensates them for it.

The signup is simple and you have to provide some basic information like name, gender and email address. As a member, you will even get some emails containing tricks and tips to remember.

You will earn points on completion of every survey. Members use points for great rewards such as cash through PayPal and gift cards from Amazon.

Each survey also earns you an entry a quarterly prize draw of $10,000.

It is a platform where your opinions can make a difference and bridge the gap between you and an industry.

SurveySpot member benefits:

  • Easy to join
  • Participation is fun
  • Enter into a $10,000 lucky draw
  • Safe and secure website
  • Redeem points for exciting rewards

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SurveySpot Review

This Survey Spot review is from freelance writer MelanieRuth. We ask content contributors to conduct research on the website, and share their findings or personal experiences, good or bad with our readers. If you decide to join this website, we may receive compensation. You can learn more by reading our Affiliate Disclosure policy.

If you’re like me, you love finding ways to not only save money, but to make a little extra, too. Some websites offer you cash incentives for giving your opinion on surveys about products and services you’ve tried.

These are survey panels and you can tell companies how you feel about their products or services and in return, you get incentives such as cash, gift cards, and lots of other rewards.

Survey sites are free to join and easy to use. Most have easy-to-navigate websites telling you exactly what to do. I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of sharing my opinions for pay. I also like the fact that I can do so sitting in my “house clothes” with no makeup on drinking a big cup of coffee and munching on a doughnut!

While this may not exactly be work, if you earn money from doing it, and can pay the internet bill with what you make, what else could it be called?

These survey panels can be loads of fun, helping you to pass the time while reaping some benefits. If you want to start participating on one of the marketing research sites, you want to make sure the one (or ones) you choose is a valid survey panel that honestly gives you want you’ve earned in a timely manner.

This is a review of SurveySpot. At the end of this analysis, you’ll be able to make an educated decision on whether or not you want to join it.

Is SurveySpot a legit company?

SurveySpot is an online survey panel that offers you the opportunity to earn rewards by giving your opinion.

SurveySpot was launched in 2000 and is owned and operated by Survey Sampling International, which is a legit paid survey site. Which is not accredited by the BBB, despite being in business for almost 40 years.

At SurveySpot, they feel that you, as the consumer, is who makes the world go around and that you should get paid for it. SurveySpot helps find and match you with surveys that reward you with money, prizes, and more, requiring just a little of your time.

This site is a free online community that offers you payment for taking surveys that they believe will benefit the world around you. From their point of view, major corporations will use your opinions gathered by SurveySpot to create new products and improve existing ones.

How to start earning rewards

To join, you go to the SurveySpot site and fill in a short application with basic info such as gender, first and last name, and email. Once you confirm you email and agree to their terms and conditions, you have to fill out additional information in order to be match with surveys.

This is pretty much common for all survey sites. After you’ve done this, you are ready to start participating in surveys, product testing, or becoming part of their online focus group.

Surveys range in time from 10-15 minutes and are worth 50-100, with 100 points equaling a dollar. That’s really not too bad of a conversion considering some sites offer the conversion of 3000 points per dollar. When you reach $5, you can redeem your points for a gift card, such as Amazon or iTunes, or you can hold out until you reach $10 and get paid out via PayPal.

You can expect payments in the form of PayPal in about two days and gift cards within ten. In addition, as a member, you are entered each time you start a survey, rather you are qualified to finish it or not, into the quarterly $10,000 drawing. You are also entered once just for joining SurveySpot.

The Pros of SurveySpot

Some of the positive things about SurveySpot is that it’s free to join, there are several ways in which to earn money, and there are also several ways in which to redeem your points once you’ve reached one of points goals.

One of the things that is different about this site is that you can actually exchange your points for Airline Miles. I’ve not heard of another survey panel doing this. If you travel, this would definitely be an appealing option for you.

Additionally, you do have a choice of cash payments with PayPal. Or gift card payouts via Amazon or iTunes and you gain entries into their quarterly sweepstakes. All online surveys also offer an instant-win play in which you scratch a ticket or play a slot machine for a chance to win additional prizes.

As a consumer you have many opinions to share. Make sure to read our PaidViewpoint review, Gifthulk review, and EarningStation review.

The Cons of SurveySpot

It seems there are quite a few complaints about SurveySpot, despite it’s being online for 17 years. This site only rates two stars on SurveyPolice based on the reviews of 360 people. So I would wager that the rating is fairly accurate.

Members complained of super long surveys, not the 10-15 minutes as promised. Other members criticize the apparent lack of customer service, having reached out many times and getting no results. Surveyors said their emails would get bombarded with survey offers, which sounds great if you are trying to make money by participating in surveys.

Unfortunately, members also claim that ten minutes into most of the surveys, you find out you are not qualified to finish. Others complain about their accounts being deactivated for apparently no reason. This seemed to be a common thread among survey review sites.

I noticed a couple of odd things upon looking over their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Their Privacy Policy latest update was in April 2017. This is good, but they actually have several reasons listed for being able to share your data.

I didn’t particular like how this read; it could be interpreted different ways, one of which is that they can share your data. In their Terms and Conditions, I found they have a daily limit on redeeming points, which is $300. I’m not sure anyone could make that much in one day.

Also, there is a yearly limit of redeeming $600. If you surpass this amount, you are ineligible to participate on this site until the next fiscal year. Or until you provide a verified W-9 form.

Is SurveySpot a scam?

All in all, I have to admit that SurveySpot is a legitimate survey panel. Although, it doesn’t seem to be very popular, nor do members seem to be able to make much money. It may have used to been a lucrative survey site, but no longer.

Being disqualified after ten minutes of questions, the lower pay rate now mentioned by members as being 5 cents for most surveys is disheartening. Furthermore, the super-long surveys for little more, and the fact that it’s hard to get anyone from Customer Service to reply, my advice would be to skip this site.

Although it’s not exactly a scam, it’s not exactly fully legitimate, either. Save your time for a survey panel that gets higher ratings.

SurveySpot Review - Scam or a Legit Paid Survey Site?

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