Toluna Review – Legit Paid Survey Site or a Scam?

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What is Toluna?

Toluna is a website which lets you make money online by taking online surveys and earning rewards. It is a global survey community which has millions of members who take part in a great number of market research opportunities for influencing the future of leading global brands.

You can earn rewards in the form of PayPal payments and gift certificates to major retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon and iTunes. Gift certificates start with a value of 30,000 points or $10. The website takes 8 weeks, on average, for delivery of rewards. A survey can earn you from 15 to 20,000 points.

Toluna member benefits:

  • Free to join and easy to learn
  • New members get 500 points
  • Chance to test new products
  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Explore diverse opinions
Toluna – Answer questions and get rewarded for sharing your opinions.
Price: FREE

Join Toluna and the millions of influencers sharing thier insights about products and brands that matter to them.

Toluna Review

Many women (and men) who stay at home would like to find something online they can do from home in order to earn a few extra dollars.

Survey sites can sometimes good sources of extra income. Participants of surveys receive incentives such as cash, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries to complete one or more market research surveys.

On some of these sites, you can earn enough cash to use for buying Christmas presents at the end of year. Some let you redeem your rewards as an Amazon gift card which you can buy that pair of shoes you’ve been looking at.

There’s so many advantages to doing surveys from home.

One of which is that you don’t really even have to get out of bed to work. Seriously, you don’t have to dress up, put make-up or a tie on, or even leave your home. You can work on some surveys when you’re not busy, a few here, a few there.

The hard part is finding a survey site that is legitimate and that pays you in a timely manner. This is a review of Toluna. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s a scam.

Is Toluna a legit company?

Toluna is one of the largest and most popular survey sites globally with over four million active users. Toluna claims to be is a total of ten million members all together.

Founded by Frederic-Charles Petit in 2000, the company started buying up smaller survey groups to add to its own. The company is a legit paid survey site to join. Originally Dallas-based, it is one of the most popular marketing research companies with offices all over the world.

Toluna asks that you give your assessment to brands and companies that will influence future products and services. Once you’ve shared your opinion, you are then rewarded with opportunities to win gifts, cash, and test products.

Toluna is one of the most heard-of survey sites online today.

How to start with Toluna

In order to make money on Toluna, you first have to sign up. It’s free.

In order to sign up, just click on their page and an account application will come up. You are asked to provide some basic information, or you can use your email or Facebook account to sign up instead.

You’ll then be asked to reveal more in-depth information about yourself such as name, address, gender, birthday, employment status, and other such information in order to better match you to surveys. Once you’ve finished this, Toluna will send you a confirmation email to which you must click on the link to finalize registration.

As soon as you confirm via email link, you can begin taking surveys that match your profile. The more up-to-date your Profile Surveys are, the more survey chances you’ll get.

You will receive 500 points for signing up and completing your survey profile. Each survey takes about 15-20 minutes for upwards to 2500 points in reward, although some can be worth up to 50,000 points.

Once you’ve reached 60,000 points, or the equivalent of $20, you can redeem your points.

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The good and bad of Toluna site

Since Toluna is so large and well-known, that it makes me feel better about it the site in general.

The site is free and it’s free to participate in surveys as well. Users can redeem their points in their choice of payment options: a paper check, an electronic check or voucher, or a cash transfer to your bank or PayPal.

Members can also share in sweepstakes winnings each month up to $4500. This site even gives small gifts such as MP3 songs.

Toluna’s website looks very nice and is easy to navigate. Their Terms and Conditions are fairly straight forward, as is the Privacy Policy, promising not to sell or transfer your personal information to a third party.

On the down side, many users complain that they didn’t qualify for many of Toluna’s surveys. Thinking they qualified, continued with a survey only to be screened out at the end with no reward or reimbursement of any kind.

The amount of points you have to attain before redeeming, 60,000 for $20, seems high to most members as well and is said to take too long when considering the infrequency of surveys.

Unfortunately, it also seems Toluna doesn’t like to pay its members.

Points expire if you haven’t accumulated enough to cash out in a year’s time. Members complain that their points have been taken before they can redeem them or that once they have redeemed them, the payment gets canceled.

If you do get to redeem your rewards, it takes up to 8 weeks to receive payment. Even if you choose to be paid electronically. Members also complained to have been blocked for supposedly violating terms and conditions. But then not told how exactly, and Toluna avoided contact with the member afterward.

Is Toluna a scam?

No, it isn’t, but after reading the many member/user reviews, I don’t think it’s an ideal survey site to join.

It takes so long to reach the pay-out goal.  As a member you risk having your points expire. You may never even see payment. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

Toluna is one of the largest survey groups. However, that doesn’t translate to trustworthy necessarily. At this point, I think they use their notoriety to lure unsuspecting users in.

If you want to join, I feel like you’re taking a risk. There other sites that are a lot less risky. It’s up to you in the end, but my advice is to find a more reputable site to join.

What are your thoughts?

We appreciate it if you would leave a comment below.

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