FusionCash Review – Scam or Legit Paid Survey Website?

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What is FusionCash?

FusionCash is a website that rewards you for taking part in various online activities such as taking surveys, watching videos and playing games.

You can easily become a member by signing up for free. You just have to provide your email address.

There is a variety of survey topics and you can choose the ones you like, and the surveys are brief and simple.

You will get points for taking part in the aforementioned activities, which can be traded for cash or gift cards. You receive gift cards to major retailers like iTunes, Starbucks and Amazon.

Furthermore, the website is secure and ensures privacy.

FusionCash member benefits:

  • Registration is free
  • Recieve $5 as a sign up bonus
  • Get gift cards for various online activities
  • Earn on friend referrals
  • Play games and watch videos to make money
FusionCash – A Great Way to Make Cash
Price: FREE

FushionCash is a site that offers a get-paid-to system to its members so they can earn some extra dollars for carrying on with certain activities and promotions.

FusionCash Review

When I’m surfing online there is always a barrage of adverts flashing up on the screens. They are telling me to click this, or click that.

You know the ones I mean. Personal stories of single mothers who made money from home by following this link to get rich quick, or signing up to pyramid schemes.

But how do you go about actually making extra money from home without being scammed?

Paid survey sites will often be advertised. These sites are legit. I’ve been using paid survey sites for the past few years now, simply because I need a flexible schedule that I can fit around my family.

These sites aren’t going to make me a rich, but they do offer some great deals with good companies and cash payouts. The work is easy, flexible and requires no expertise.

Is FusionCash a real company?

FusionCash is a California based company that has been collecting survey and poll results since 2005. What makes them stand out as paid survey site is that they only offer cash payment.

No vouchers, gift cards or sales stumps.

Personally, I like being paid in cash, it can help to cover the monthly cable bill or kids school trip which is ideal. The sign up is easy and the company itself is reputable, being based in the United States, which means you won’t have any trouble when it comes to withdrawing your rewards.

How to earn rewards with FusionCash?

FusionCash tasks are standard surveys and new product trials. They also have a section where you can watch videos, visit websites or listen to their radio in exchange for cash. A nice touch, but you can’t earn as much as on the surveys.

The amount of work really depends on you, where you are, what you know about. If you are in a good demographic you’ll get a lot of work.

Still want to learn more about the available survey sites to join? Why not read our Survey Voices review, Tellwut review, and Valued Opinions review today.

What’s good about FusionCash?

I guess FusionCash being a US based company sets me at ease a bit. I know it is less likely that I will lose my earnings and the service tends to be better as a legit paid survey site.

Only offering cash rewards is also a big advantage because you can spend the money on whatever you like. My house is full of products that I brought using gift vouchers only to realize I never needed the products in the first place.

So the cash is definitely a big plus. The other thing I like about FusionCash is the low withdrawal threshold. You can make a withdrawal at just $25 unlike other sites that specify $50.

What’s bad about FusionCash?

The big issue with FusionCash is that sometimes the work can dry up. It’s not a big problem so long as you are a member of some other sites, allowing you to move around to find work.

I also experienced some problems with my account being restricted. I contacted the help desk who were excellent and they assured me it was their mistake. My account was up and running again in no time, but it was a minor hassle.

The final issue I have with FusionCash is that the withdrawals aren’t instant and will usually enter my account in the middle of each month.

Is FusionCash legit or a scam?

FusionCash has some of the best reviews out there for a survey website. Since I’ve been using them I have never had to worry about getting payments, or losing my gift-points.

Aside from the technical problems that restricted my account I would say FusionCash is most definitely legit. One of the better survey sites around.

What are your thoughts?

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