InboxPays Review 2024: Is The Site Worth It?

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InboxPays Review

Make some extra cash with InboxPays, a rewards site that gives you the chance to earn money by completing tasks like reading emails, referring friends, and clipping coupons – from the same company that brought you InboxDollars. 

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You have probably come across countless companies claiming they will pay you for taking surveys. Determining if the time invested is worth it can also be a challenge, even with legit companies – InboxPays is no exception. They promise to send you surveys and pay you for your time. Are they the real deal or just another scam in disguise? Discover the truth by reading our InboxPays review.

What Is InboxPays?

InboxPays is a cash rewards platform that allows you to earn money through activities like clipping coupons, referring friends, and reading emails. As a subsidiary of A&A Marketing, InboxPays is related to the well-known GPT site, InboxDollars. Despite its connection, it has yet to gain the same level of recognition.

If you’re new to GPT sites, here’s how it works: they allow you to earn money through different activities. InboxPays primarily focuses on getting paid for reading emails, hence the name “InboxPays.” This GPT site rewards you with real money for completing their offers, so while it may not make you rich, it’s an excellent way to earn some extra cash online.

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How Does It Work?

InboxPays is similar to other survey companies, as they send you surveys to fill out and pay you for completing them. The difference with InboxPays is their focus on rewarding you for completing offers, like surveys, emails, paid offers, or clipping coupons, which can earn you cash rewards. As you complete tasks on the site, you’ll watch your earnings increase in your account. Remember that some tasks may take longer to be approved and paid out, but once you reach the $50 minimum, you can receive payment via PayPal or check.

Who Can Join InboxPays?

Anyone at least 18 years old and who lives in the United States can become a member. Ensure that the information you provide when joining InboxPays is accurate. Giving false details, including your name, address, email, or any other important information, may lead to the immediate termination of your account.

How to Sign Up With InboxPays?

To join InboxPays:

  1. Visit the website and click the sign-up button
  2. Fill in basic demographic information and provide a valid email address
  3. Complete your profile with your name, DOB, gender, phone number, and zip code
  4. Verify your email address
  5. Enjoy a $5 sign-up bonus
  6. Begin your journey!

Ways To Make Money With InboxPays?

You will need to accumulate $50 to request a payout. Below are the many ways to achieve this on InboxPays.


Give your opinions and earn money through surveys on InboxPays. Your eligibility for these surveys depends on your demographic information, but once you qualify, you’ll receive payment directly to your account balance. Surveys typically take 5-20 minutes and pay between $0.50 and $5.

Paid Offers

To make the most of your InboxPays experience, engage in partner offers that involve:

  • signing up for a service
  • opting for a free trial
  • buying from an advertiser

Be aware that some of the offers on InboxPays may not be free, as they may require you to pay for a product or service. Typically, you’ll earn anywhere from $0.50 to $2 for completing most offers, with some paying up to $5 or more. The highest-paying offers on the platform can earn you up to $75. Keep in mind that receiving payment for these offers may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. While InboxPays provides support in tracking offers, they do not guarantee payment.

Read Emails

Please keep a lookout for emails from InboxPays and follow the links they provide to advertiser websites. You will receive around three daily emails worth 2 to 25 cents each. InboxPays will send you emails that pay you simply for reading them. However, the platform restricts your cash-out limit to $25 from earnings through reading emails. So, if you reach the $50 balance requirement, but $30 of that balance is from these cash emails, you won’t be able to cash out. Additionally, emails read on mobile devices won’t be counted, so open them on a PC.

Spin The Wheel

Complete surveys on InboxPays and earn a shot at the digital wheel with cash prizes. The wheel could land on anything from $0.10 to $50. Most rewards on the wheel are low amounts, but even the smaller cash rewards can accumulate over time.


Maximize your earning potential by inviting friends and family to join InboxPays. You’ll get a cut of 10% from their earnings, but this only starts once they receive their first payment, which translates to $5 for every $50 they earn and cash out.

Clip Coupons

Maximize your savings and earn money back with InboxPays coupons. They have a massive database of coupons that you can use at select stores and websites. The coupons may be low in value, but over time they can help you save money on regular items such as groceries and household goods. Your options for earnings may be limited compared to other reward platforms, but you can still earn quite well with these methods.

How To Redeem Rewards With InboxPays?

To receive your earnings from InboxPays, you must have a PayPal account. Your earnings are in cash, making it straightforward to transfer to PayPal once you reach the minimum payout amount of $50. However, there are some restrictions to be aware of:

  • The platform requires payouts in $50 increments. So, if you’ve earned $55.50, you’ll receive only $50 and need to wait for your earnings to reach another $50 to get the remaining amount.
  • $25 of your earnings must come from the Spin Wheel or paid offers. If you have $50 but only $15 is from paid offers, you will be eligible to cash out once you earn another $10 from paid offers or Spin Wheels.
  • Any cashed-out amount from paid emails cannot exceed $25.
  • Referral bonuses and coupon earnings don’t contribute to the cash-out requirements.

Is InboxPays Legit?

Yes – InboxPays is a legit survey platform where you can earn cash by completing tasks and taking surveys. However, with a minimum cash-out requirement of $50, you may have to wait sometime to receive your earnings. Additionally, there are other reasons why you may want to consider avoiding InboxPays.

Payment Uncertainty

Before accepting an offer through InboxPays, it’s essential to know that the cash incentive may not materialize. According to their Terms of Service, there’s “no payment guarantee” after completing an offer, as the company can’t always confirm your completion. It would help if you considered the significance of clarity and certainty when joining the platform.

Paid Offers (More Like Spend Offers)

Earning money with InboxPays is a difficult task without spending some first. Paid offers are the backbone of the site, making it similar to an advertising portal where most of the opportunities to earn cash demand you to sign up with an advertiser. To cash out your minimum $50, you need at least $25 in paid offers or wheel spins, which supports this notion.

High Payout Threshold

Reaching the high payout threshold of $50 on InboxPays can take time, making it a less attractive option. Additionally, they impose requirements that can make cashing out even more challenging such as needing a certain amount of earnings from paid offers and spin wheels. For a better experience, consider switching to paid survey platforms with lower payout thresholds, such as Survey Junkie.

Privacy Matters

Some members have raised concerns about a surge in spam-like emails after joining. According to the policy, personal information will not be shared with other parties. However, once connected to third parties, they fall outside of this protection. When you participate in paid offers, you are directly giving your information to advertisers, making it accessible for transfer, use, and even sale to other companies.

Verdict: Is InboxPays A Good Opportunity?

InboxPays is a credible survey site, but there are better solutions than you’re looking for if you need quick cash or a full-time income. There are many other reliable options out there. Although the payouts are attractive, some users must understand the payout requirements. In our opinion, the time invested may not be worth the pay. Don’t limit yourself to just one survey site when many others have lower payout requirements. Explore your options and find what works best for you.

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