Survey Voices Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Survey Voices Review
Survey Voices

Survey Voices connects users with top-paying online survey sites and acts as a filter, eliminating low-paying or unreliable options. Sign up to access reliable and high-paying survey opportunities today!

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In this blog post, readers will learn about Survey Voices, an online survey platform that promises to pay users for their opinions. This post aims to take an in-depth look at this paid survey site and answer the question: is it a legitimate way to make money online or a scam? This review will cover different aspects of the platform, including its sign-up process, the types of surveys available, the pay structure, and more to help you make an informed decision. As with any online opportunity, it’s essential to do your research before committing.

What Is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices was founded in 2011 by Reward Zone LLC, USA. It is a website that connects users with paid online survey sites. As a survey aggregator, it does not have its own surveys. Instead, the website acts as a filter to direct users to the best-paying survey opportunities. The goal is to eliminate low-paying scammy survey sites and provide users with reliable, high-paying survey opportunities.

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What Do Survey Voices Offer?

The platform does not provide its own paid survey opportunities. Rather it acts as an intermediary between users and companies willing to pay for surveys. Let’s examine the different ways users can earn money through the platform.

Access To Paid Survey Sites

Survey Voices provides a list of paid survey sites that users can join. The survey sites listed on the platform are legit, and users can get paid for participating. However, the platform provides a limited list of survey sites. They could do better in providing members with additional information to help them decide which sites to join. Furthermore, the joining process is more challenging than on other survey sites, and the terms users have to agree to can be problematic.

Other Paid Opportunities

Along with the list of paid survey sites, they also offer users the option to view “exclusive” offers during the sign-up process. These offers are not exclusive to Survey Voices and are mostly just ads from the company’s partners. Unfortunately, these offers are not considered good quality and may not be of much value to most users.

How To Sign Up?

Individuals can sign up for free by providing their email address and completing a qualifying questionnaire. Survey Voices will then match the user with the most appropriate survey, based on the information provided during the questionnaire. Finally, users are directed to a third-party website upon clicking a link to participate in a survey. The third-party website provides the instructions for completing the survey.

It is important to note that only individuals 18 years and older are eligible to participate.

Survey Voices Sign Up

How To Get Paid On Survey Voices?

Survey Voices does not offer any payouts but acts as a link between users and companies that pay for surveys. Thus, users must sign up separately on each survey site to earn money. It is important to note that they do not guarantee payment for users’ answers once the handover is completed. The site’s FAQ section clearly states that they do not guarantee payment. Users will need to rely on the survey sites they have joined in paying them for participation. As such, it is crucial to know that you will earn money from other paid survey sites, not Survey Voices.

Is Survey Voices Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate paid survey site. It acts as a broker for other survey and research companies. However, upon closer examination, Survey Voices has many misleading aspects.

Personal information

Survey Voices is not a direct provider of paid survey opportunities. When users sign up, they must give up personal information such as their home address and phone number. Generally, legitimate survey companies do not require this level of personal data. An individual must consent to hand this data on to third parties

Misleading offers

Survey Voices makes misleading offers to users. For example, users may be offered unrealistic amounts of cash rewards during the sign-up process using an ad. It is unlikely that users would qualify for such a large cash offer simply for signing up. This type of offer may be seen as spammy and raise suspicions about the legitimacy of the platform.


The high volume of spam sent to users raises questions about the site’s legitimacy. Some users have reported receiving spam and telemarketing emails from the platform and its marketing partners. This level of spam is concerning because Survey Voices ask for users’ phone numbers during the sign-up process, which could lead to unwanted phone calls and text messages.


Survey Voices is a website that aims to connect users with paid online surveys. It serves as a survey aggregator, directing individuals to the best-paying survey opportunities. They do not offer survey opportunities. Additionally, the sign-up process is more complex than on other survey sites, and the terms that users must agree with can be problematic. Furthermore, Survey Voices does not provide payouts. Users must sign up separately to each selected survey site to earn money. It is important to remember that while it is a legitimate way to make money online, users should be aware of its limitations and conduct their research before committing. Some alternative survey sites pay you through their platform and have more earning potential (see below).

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Survey Voices

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