Pinecone Research Review – Scam or Legit Paid Survey Website?

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What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is a website that voices the opinions of customers throughout the nation. It invites you to complete online surveys and rewards you for it.

Your opinions have a direct influence on future products and services. Members of this website receive points for every survey they complete and these points can be redeemed for prizes or cash. Participation is easy and members receive an email notification whenever a survey is available.

The website also sends products for testing as well, but this is rare. Apart from surveys, members can also take part in sweepstakes which are held on an annual basis.

Pinecone Research member benefits:

  • Redeem points for prizes or cash
  • Get points for each survey
  • Learn about new products before they are released in the market
  • Have a say in what products reach the outlets
  • The website is secure and safe
Pinecone Research – Get Paid to Take Surveys
Price: FREE

Pinecone Research is currently looking for new users to sign up and answer simple surveys. Even better, they pay $3 for every completed survey!

Pinecone Research Review

Finding legitimate ways to make money online can seem a bit overwhelming. Sorting through the scams and empty promises of making a huge secondary income oftentimes makes the idea seem like more trouble than it is actually worth.

One tried and true way, however, to make money online is by taking paid online surveys. Pinecone Research Company is one of the most reputable companies that offer these surveys. The best part is that it is free to sign up and you can take the surveys online at anytime, anyplace.

For your efforts you will be compensated with cash that can be used to help pay the monthly household bills, save for a fun family vacation, or even fund a much-deserved shopping trip for yourself.

How to become a Pinecone Research member

To get started taking surveys with Pinecone Research, simply head over to their website and sign up for a free account. You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your household so that you can be sent appropriate surveys.

Once you are all signed up you will begin to receive invitations to take surveys. The surveys usually only take between 15 to 20 minutes and you will be awarded with points for each survey that you complete.

The point system at Pinecone Research works like this. As you earn points by completing surveys on time and in a truthful manner, you will accumulate points.

When you have earned enough points you can trade them in for awards or cash. If you choose to be awarded with cash you can conveniently be paid via PayPal or a check.

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What’s good about Pinecone Research?

Users who have taken surveys with Pinecone Research have many positive things to say about their experiences with the legit paid survey site.

First and foremost they love the convenience of being able to earn money on their time. It’s as simple as logging in while the baby is napping, or after dinner with a glass of wine.

Users also really love that the company offers payment through PayPal. Once they request a payout, the money is in their account within three business days.

Finally, users find that helping to drive the consumer market is rewarding. Knowing that their opinions about products used by their families are being heard is a very satisfying feeling.

What’s not so good about Pinecone Research?

Taking surveys with Pinecone Research does, however, have a few down sides.

Users report that the first payment can be a bit troublesome because they require that it be paid out as a check in the mail. After the initial payout you can receive payout via PayPal.

The site also reports that it vets users if they are inactive or miss surveys for an extended period of time. Also, points do expire if you are inactive for 12 months or longer.

So, it is recommended that if you join, you remain as active as possible and avoid missing surveys that you are invited to.

Is the Pinecone Research website a scam?

Despite the few negatives, users of Pinecone Research Company report that they find using the site a great way to earn a secondary income.

It is truly a legitimate organization that highly reputable companies turn to in order to gather important consumer opinions.

So, when looking for an option to make more money at home, definitely give Pinecone Research Company a try. There is no startup fee, you can work at your convenience, and major corporations will hear your opinions.

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