Treasure Trooper Review – Is it Legit Paid Survey Site or a Scam?

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What is Treasure Trooper?

Treasure Trooper is an online community where you make money by sampling products, filling out forms and performing online searches.

It is a free service that offers you numerous money making opportunities. You are eligible for payment once your balance approaches $20. You can take part in a maximum of 8 surveys on a daily basis. Each survey is worth a maximum of $1 each.

Members can also participate in treasure hunts and free contests for more cash. Moreover, if you refer a friend you will get 20% of what they make and you can earn up to 5% from your second tier referrals.

Treasure Trooper member benefits:

  • Registration is free
  • Exchange points for gift cards and cash
  • Free contests and treasure hunts
  • Referral fee of 20%
  • Referral fee of 5% for second level referrals
Treasure Trooper – Earn cash by completing tasks
Price: FREE

TreasureTrooper is a unique GPT website with an Indiana Jones feel. Like other get-paid-to sites, members can earn rewards for completing tasks.

Treasure Trooper Review

Like many other people, I was skeptical when I first visited the Treasure Trooper website. For me, it wasn’t just about the natural skepticism that surrounds online platforms that promise gifts and cash for doing little or nothing. I simply thought the page was hilarious.

The Indiana Jones theme didn’t help matters.

Then it hit me that there was actually nothing to lose. It’s free to join and offers an opportunity to earn extra income from home. A few more clicks helped to alleviate my skepticism.

Months later, I have earned some extra cash for participating in surveys, cash-backs on purchases, and other freebies.

How to earn rewards with TreasureTrooper

Treasure Trooper is a get-paid-to site that offers rewards to members for participating in surveys, completing tasks, shopping online and referrals. All of these are done on an exciting, somewhat animated platform which makes you feel like you’re actually on a treasure hunt.

It is a relatively free service that allows you to complete offers through affiliates and offers you opportunities to make money. You can earn money with Treasure Trooper by doing any of the following;

Paid Surveys- As a community, Treasure Trooper has access to a large number of people in its user base. When companies need people to participate in online surveys, these users (you) are asked to participate. As the companies pay Treasure Trooper, you get paid as well.

Referrals- As a registered user, you also earn money when you refer your friends. You get 20% of their completed offers for life. You also get 5% of each referral they complete.

Online Shopping- Perhaps you’re already a big online shopper. Treasure Trooper helps you earn money every time you shop on your online stores. You can earn cashback on such purchases, translate them to platinum coins, and exchange them for gifts.

Online Games- You can also earn gems and gold coins when you play mini games. These rewards can be traded for cash and requested via Check or PayPal once it reaches $20.

Tasks- This is another easy way to make money. Simply take on polls, fill online forms, use the site’s search tool, etc., and earn money doing so.

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What’s good about Treasure Trooper?

There are several benefits of Treasure Trooper, a legit paid survey site, but I will just highlight a few;

Freedom- The platform gives you the freedom to work at home or anywhere else you choose. It doesn’t require so much of your time or effort. You can simply respond to tasks at your spare time and keep earning credits on the side.

No Cost to Join and Earn- Also, you should know that you are not required to pay when you register or take on tasks. Of course, you pay when you shop, but then you get something in return. There is absolutely nothing to lose with Treasure Trooper.

You get paid for expressing your Opinions- Furthermore, by attending to surveys, you get to tell how you feel about products or services. This earns you money. You can also earn some money when you make cash calls to organizations to ask questions about their products and services.

It is Fun- From the moment you open the site, the excitement begins. The site is graphically designed for your enjoyment. The feel is that of an adventure and is always something to cheer about. Amazing games and tasks are also fun to undertake.

What’s not so good about Treasure Trooper?

While there are many benefits of Treasure Trooper, there have been some complaints as well.

Some users have complained about the low amount of credits offered. They say it is lower than those offered by some other platforms. There have also been some complaints about lack of credits after completed tasks. Although this is an insignificant number, it is worthy of mention.

The play on the page is another issue often talked about. Some users have noted that they found the site confusing and too busy.

Is Treasure Trooper a scam site?

Based on available evidence and personal experience, I can tell you that Treasure Trooper is not a scam. However, the best way to truly know is to sign up and give it a try.

The site has a community center where you can interact with thousands of users who can share their stories with you. The authenticity of the site can be ascertained there.

Furthermore, there are real-life testimonies of real people who have benefited from the platform in form of gifts and cash. Plus, there is a skeptic center on the site where your possible doubts have been addressed.

The platform recognizes your skepticism and expects you to have some. Sign up and begin to enjoy the bundle of benefits that await you.

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