PrizeRebel Review – Just a Scam or Legit Paid Survey Site?

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What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is an online survey site that invites you to take surveys and redeem points for gift cards and cash. The signup process is very easy and takes merely 10 seconds.

The site has more than 6.8 million members. Once you have signed up you can head to the site’s paid survey section and answer some questions. These answers will determine the type of survey topic you will get.

This will give you an optimal earning potential. You can accumulate points by completing surveys which can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. You can get gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Walmart and iTunes or get cash via PayPal.

PrizeRebel member benefits:

  • Quick signup process
  • Redeem points for gifts or cash
  • Take a survey of your choice
  • The website is secure and safe
  • The experience is hassle-free
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PrizeRebel Review

This PrizeRebel review is from freelance writer LiamHoskins. We ask content contributors to conduct research on the website, and share their findings or personal experiences, good or bad with our readers. If you decide to join this website, we may receive compensation. You can learn more by reading our Affiliate Disclosure policy.

Surveys are a great way to earn a little extra pocket money without compromising on your time or lifestyle.

I started completing surveys in 2012 but it took me a while to find the best websites. The problem was lengthy surveys, difficult sign up process and the amount of time it took to get paid after completing a survey.

I persevered because it was a great way to bring in an income without spending a lot of time. I could work from home, which was ideal for me and the kids. The best thing about completing surveys is that you are rewarded in vouchers and cash.

The vouchers were great because I could take the family out for day-trips, get presents for Christmas or birthdays and, occasionally, treat myself without feeling guilty.

Is PrizeRebel a real company?

It was around 2014 that I first discovered Having been left hanging, or waiting on payment by so many survey sites, PrizeRebel was a godsend.

According to their website they started in 2007 because they too were tired of the same problems that I had experienced with survey sites.

At the payments are instantly processed meaning there is no more waiting around. They have over 6.8 million customers which means you can trust them to provide a good service and, they work with some of the best international companies around: PayPal, Amazon and iTunes and others.

How can you earn rewards with PrizeRebel?

Making money from is easy, simple and takes hardly any time.

The first thing to do is sign-up. It’s a quick and easy process and all you need is an email address but I signed up through Facebook because that was even quicker. Once you have an account there is so many different ways to earn cash and gift vouchers.

The day to day tasks are varied so you won’t have a long slog of surveys to complete. You can earn by watching videos, referring friends and signing up for trials of products. Most of the tasks are simple enough to complete and are only a few pages long.

All the survey’s, for example, are designed to improve the products and services for people like us so it’s a nice service to be involved with.

Once you’ve completed a task the money is in your account and you can spend it straight away.

You deserve to earn more extra income from home. We suggest you take a moment to read our Survey Junkie review, Mintvine review, and InstaGC review.

The Pros and Cons of PrizeRebel membership

So, what are the best things about PrizeRebel?

For me, it’s the instant payment. I don’t have to wait around, also if I just need a quick bit of cash for a day out I can do a survey and don’t have to worry about spending the money.

In a lot of surveys you get paid in a voucher which isn’t as good as cash but they are all for good companies. The amount of choice on Amazon, for example, make it better than most stores anyway.

The customer service is also excellent. I changed my bank account and had to reset my PayPal signup. I’m not great with computers but the guys at PrizeRebel, a legit paid survey site responded promptly and walked me through the steps to get earning again. The quality of the customer service is unique for a survey company like this.

Alright, it sounds too good to be true, I know. So here are some of the worst things about PrizeRebel in my experience.

As with most survey sites, it can take time to find a survey that suits your demographic. At times this can be frustrating but it is the same problem on all survey sites, part of the job description I guess.

Another issue I have had is that the cash payment surveys go fast. This means you have to keep an eye on the website throughout the day so you don’t miss out.

The final, and most annoying aspect, is broken links. You can usually get these resolved quickly by contacting customer support but, fixing those links would improve my experience a lot.

Is PrizeRebel a scam website?

With 6.8 million customers already PrizeRebel is definitely legit.

I have been using it for the last three years and have never had any problems. In comparison to other survey sites the interface is very good and the service is professional. One of the problems with all survey sites is that they will take your personal data.

Fortunately for me, PrizeRebel doesn’t request much in terms of personal information, an email address and a name is enough.

What are your thoughts?

We appreciate it if you would leave a comment below.

  • Do you take online surveys for cash, PayPal, or gift cards?
  • Are you a member of this reviewed paid survey site?
  • Do you have helpful tips to share with our site visitors?
  • Is this survey site a legit way to earn extra income from home?
  • Do you think this site is a scam and a waste of time?
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