Points2Shop Review – Is it Legit Paid Survey Site or a Scam?

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What is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is a very simple website that does not require you to pay anything. You do not have to divulge any information about your credit card as well. This gives you a sense of security.

If you register with the website, you also earn the membership of Cashle, which favors cash rewards. Every point on the website is worth 1 cent on Amazon.com.

You can earn point in a number of ways, which include completing offers, playing games, referring your friends, monthly contests and weekly lottery. You get payment in cash via PayPal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve and E-Gold.

Points2Shop member benefits:

  • Free to join and the process is simple
  • Redeem points for prizes or cash
  • Get points for each survey
  • Get a joining bonus of $5
  • The website is secure and safe
Points2Shop – Get Paid to Take Surveys
Price: FREE

 Earn credits with Points2Shop for completing online activities such as surveys and offers, playing games, shopping online, watching videos, and more.

Points2Shop Review

Everyone can use a little extra spending money from time to time. Whether it’s to help pay for gas in the car, a fun night out, or Christmas gifts for the kids.

However, extra cash without getting a part-time job, with hours away from home, can be hard to come by. If you’re having a difficult coming up with the extra money that you need, consider taking online surveys and completing online tasks with Points2Shop.

It’s a legitimate way to make money, you can do it on your time, and you don’t even need to leave the house.

How to get started at Points2Shop

Getting started is very simple. Just head over the Points2Shop website and sign up for a free account. All you need to initially provide is an email address and some basic demographic information.

From there you can start to complete a variety of tasks to earn points. The main way that you earn points with Points2Shop is by taking consumer research surveys.

However, you can also earn points by downloading mobile apps, inviting friends to join, and even playing select online games.

At Points2Shop you earn rewards by accumulating points. Each survey or task that you complete has a designated point value assigned to it. When you reach a certain number of points it is translated to a dollar amount and you can trade them in for any item of that dollar value that you find on Amazon.com.

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What’s good and bad about Points2Shop?

Points2Shop, a legit paid surveys site has over 13,000 dedicated users who earn rewards on the site every day. These users love the site because it is a simple way to earn money right from home, no long commute or set hours.

Whenever it is convenient you can sit down, complete a survey or task, and end up with rewards in your pocket. It’s also a very easy site to navigate. Once you sign up you can complete tasks with a click of the button, no invitations needed or limits on how many tasks you can complete.

Users also find the site fun. Where else can you actually get paid to play games?

Working on the Points2Shop site does have a few pitfalls.

The biggest complaint by users is that you cannot redeem rewards in cash. You must choose an item from the Amazon.com site, but hey, they have everything!

The site also does reserve the right to ban you from completing tasks it they suspect you of fraud or quickly clicking through and botching the surveys.

Finally, there are a few places where they encourage you to give them your bank account number. If you are weary of giving out that sort of private information, definitely do your homework before handing over bank accounts numbers, etc.

The big question: Is Points2Shop a scam site?

Other than the few negatives listed above, it is clear that Points2Shop is a great way to earn points and exchange them for fun and useful items.

The testimonials on the site prove that it is indeed a legitimate way to rewards online. It is ideal for the busy mom who can steel away a few minutes a day taking surveys or even the college student needing some extra spending money.

So go ahead and get started today. It’s quick, easy, and completely free to get up and running.

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