GrabPoints Review 2024: Is It A Legit Survey Site?

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GrabPoints Review

Join over 4 million satisfied users and start earning rewards with GrabPoints. With over $5 million in cash and gift card rewards given out, GrabPoints has been a trusted rewards app since 2014. It’s open to anyone 13 years or older and offers rewards for completing simple tasks – join now!

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This legit paid survey site is available in most countries with a range of earning opportunities and good rewards. By joining GrabPoints, you can get paid for taking surveys and completing other online tasks. But is this the ideal side hustle for you? Let’s find out in this review.

What Is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints has been active since 2014, is a rewards app that lets you earn rewards by carrying out simple tasks, such as:

  • Taking surveys 
  • Watching videos 
  • Completing offers 
  • Friend referrals 
  • Downloading apps and games 

With over 4 million users, GrabPoints has given out cash and gift cards worth over $5 million. However, it’s important to note that GrabPoints is not a fast way to get rich and does not offer unrealistic financial gains. It’s a helpful tool for supplementing your income and earning a little extra.

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How Does It Work?

GrabPoints is user-friendly and offers you a chance to earn some extra cash. Brands and advertisers pay GrabPoints to drive engagement and sequentially enlist members like you to carry out the tasks that benefit them. You will receive points for every task completed, ranging from 130 to 2000. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for cash through PayPal or gift cards to shop online.

How To Sign Up For GrabPoints?

Sign up for a Grabpoints account for free using your email, Facebook, or Google account.

Signing Up

GrabPoints will prompt you to enter an invitation code in exchange for 500 points upon signing up. Then, you must verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by Grabpoints.

Profile Completion

To ensure Grabpoints can send you targeted offers and surveys, it’s crucial to provide accurate information on your profile, including name, phone number, gender, date of birth, and address. Feel free only to share what you’re at ease with answering.

Earn Points

GrabPoints rewards you with points for every task you complete. The conversion rate is simple: 5000 points equals $5 via PayPal cash or gift cards (each 10 points worth $0.01). Before tackling any task, calculate how many points you’ll earn, divide by 1000, and voila! You’ll have the dollar equivalent.

Who Can Join GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is available to anyone 13 years or older. Upon logging in, the live feed showcases recent earnings from other members with their respective countries – great way to check out your competition!

The three ways to access Grabpoints include:

  • Through the website
  • Through the desktop platform
  • Download the Android app

GrabPoints recommends downloading the desktop platform to receive live notifications on new offers and invitations to maximize your point earnings.

How To Make Money With GrabPoints?

With plenty of earning opportunities available, whether GrabPoints is the right fit for you depends on your preferences. To help you make up your mind, let’s examine the different methods it provides and their potential earnings, so you can determine if it’s genuinely worth your while.

Paid Surveys

GrabPoints offers many paid survey opportunities. Third-party providers provide most of these surveys, so selecting one on GrabPoints will redirect you to another screen to complete the survey. The platform has teamed up with several survey networks, including TheoremReach, Your Surveys International, and Survey Time, which other prominent survey sites use.

Your GrabPoints account will receive an immediate boost with your reward once the survey is completed. The amount of points you earn varies based on your country and the survey length. Most surveys are short, taking between 10-25 minutes, and pay less than $2. However, many third-party survey providers have a fixed payment of 1000 points ($1), no matter the survey length. And you’re free to complete as many surveys as you wish in a day.

Only expect to be eligible for some surveys on GrabPoints, as is typical on all survey platforms. Keep going if you have to try a few times to find the surveys that fit you. Before taking part in surveys from a specific company, you’ll need to complete a profiling survey covering topics like your education, career, household income, children, etc. This profiling figures out if you’re the right fit for the study. The company will redirect you to another survey opportunity if you don’t qualify.

You stand to earn a substantial sum through GrabPoints, with its rewards among the most generous in the market. The platform is an excellent choice for paid surveys, and with earnings adding up quickly, it can be a valuable income generation strategy.

Watch Videos

On GrabPoints, you can earn by simply watching videos. There’s no limit to the number of videos you can watch because there will always be new ones available from various interests such as fitness, tech, science, movies, and more. However, the channels you have access to will depend on your location.

GrabPoints will award you for every three videos watched (with ads) a total of 7 points – equivalent to 0.007 cents. However, remember that each video is typically 2 minutes long, with ads in between, so the pay is relatively low compared to the time invested. Consider exploring other ways to earn with GrabPoints for better rewards.

Complete Paid Offers

Paid Offers and Offer Walls are fantastic ways to elevate your earnings. These opportunities include free trial subscriptions, entering prize draws, or joining survey panels. The goal is for companies to introduce you to their products and possibly convert you into a paying customer.

By completing an offer, you help the merchant pay GrabPoints a fee, and as a thank you, GrabPoints will give you a share of the revenue in the form of points. Your earnings can range from 9 cents to $50, depending on the offer’s specifics.

Be wary of specific offers. Some could require payment or a free trial registration that will become a paid membership if left uncancelled. Additionally, you might have to provide your credit card details.

Taking advantage of offers is a great way to enhance your earnings, but understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. Also, keep track of everything to avoid any unwanted fees from services.

Download Apps

In the Offer Wall section, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get paid for downloading apps. These offers come from software companies seeking testers before they go public. It could be a valuable way to earn, so check them out.

Before downloading an app, carefully read the terms and conditions. Once you’ve met the criteria for the task, you’ll earn points as a reward. The reward amount can depend on completing tasks within the app or simply downloading it. Generally, you’ll earn 100-700 points ($0.10 to $0.70) per app, with a bigger reward for more demanding tasks.

Refer Friends

As a member of GrabPoints, you can earn money by inviting your friends to join. Share your unique invitation link, and you’ll receive a 10% commission based on their earnings for life. Plus, if you still need to become a member, you can join through someone else’s link and get a 500-point joining bonus (equivalent to $0.50).

How Do You Get Paid On GrabPoints?

You can redeem your points on GrabPoints through Paypal or gift card options when you have collected 5000 points – worth $5 Amazon or $5 PayPal. PayPal is a convenient choice, as it offers fast and easy payouts with a processing time of only 48 hours.

Gift card options include top retailers like:

  • Amazon
  • Minecraft
  • Xbox
  • Steam

How Much Can You Make From GrabPoints?

With the abundance of earning opportunities on GrabPoints, you have the potential to make additional money. Your earnings will depend on factors such as your location and time spent on the platform.

Keep track of the top performers on GrabPoints through the Leaderboard. Remember, these earnings are not typical and are only achievable for those who spend a lot of time on the platform.

GrabPoints leaderboard

While you can earn a decent amount of money on GrabPoints, it should not be relied upon to make you rich or serve as your primary source of income.

Verdict: Is GrabPoints Legit? 

GrabPoints is a legit survey platform with numerous ways to earn money. By checking the Leaderboard, you’ll see top members making upwards of $250 per month by completing surveys. Don’t just take our word for it – GrabPoints has earned a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot with almost 400 glowing reviews from satisfied users who have described it as a trustworthy and rewarding platform.

While you could earn a high income through surveys on GrabPoints, it takes patience. Sadly, surveys’ tedious and time-consuming nature turns many people away from reaching their earning potential. We recommend looking at other alternative survey sites that pay well from our list below.

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