ZoomBucks Review 2024: Is ZoomBucks A Scam?

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ZoomBucks Review
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Take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra cash with ZoomBucks! This legit GPT platform lets you earn points for completing surveys, watching videos, and doing offers. It is a simple and quick way to supplement your income and earn money on the side. While it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a great way to earn extra cash in your free time. Join now and start earning!

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With ZoomBucks, individuals can earn additional money by completing simple tasks online. Nonetheless, it begs the question, is ZoomBucks a legit and profitable opportunity or a fraudulent survey site to avoid? Although it has the potential as a source of income, there are some significant downsides to consider before signing up. This review aims to investigate these claims and determine whether ZoomBucks is your ideal survey site.

What Is ZoomBucks?

ZoomBucks provides a legitimate means for members to make money through its GPT platform, offering a range of activities that include completing surveys, watching videos, and completing offers, with varying levels of complexity. Although some activities are more straightforward than others, most are quick and effortless. ZoomBucks was launched in 2010 by Vikas Tailor, went on a hiatus for four years, and resumed operations in November 2018. Since then, it has earned a reputation as one of the top online survey sites worldwide.

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Want to make some extra cash? Join ZoomBucks today and earn points by doing simple online activities like taking surveys and watching videos.

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How Does ZoomBucks Work?

By enabling users to participate in various activities, ZoomBucks operates as a platform for making money. These activities may include:

Paid Surveys

ZoomBucks has teamed up with several survey providers, including TapResearch, TheoremReach, RevenueWall, and PeanutLabs, to present paid surveys as an option for earning. Completing surveys through survey providers can be an excellent way to earn, as they offer access to numerous survey options with more substantial rewards. Paid surveys compensate individuals for their opinions, often utilized to improve future products and services. They pay around $0.50 to $3, with surveys taking 10 to 30 minutes to complete. ZoomBucks does a commendable job of sending email notifications about survey opportunities, so regularly check your inbox!

Due to the conditions survey providers provide, it can be challenging to qualify for surveys. However, with some patience, members can gain access to many surveys. Participants can get paid for completing surveys, but in some instances, they may still receive compensation even if they cannot finish the survey.

Watch Videos

Members can earn money on ZoomBucks by watching videos, which can be an enjoyable experience. This survey platform has partnered with video providers such as Hideout.TV and Lootably to provide a diverse range of video categories to explore. To earn rewards, users need to watch three videos (with ads), each lasting approximately two minutes with ads spanning between 30-45 seconds. For every three videos watched, users can earn 7 points which are equivalent to $0.007. While watching videos can be a fun way to earn passively, users should not expect to make much money.

Take Offers

In the Offer Walls section on ZoomBucks, many paid offers are available, including taking trial offers, joining websites, downloading apps, and cashback offers. However, be mindful of the terms and conditions of each offer, as some may require you to sign up for a trial offer which may result in being charged after the trial period ends.

ZoomBucks offers a variety of paid offers that can result in lucrative cash payouts ranging from $3 to $25. However, users must meet specific requirements to be eligible for the reward.

Refer Friends

Inviting others to join ZoomBucks can lead to substantial rewards. Upon signing up, users receive a unique referral link to share with others. If someone signs up through the link and earns 1000 points on the site, ZoomBucks will reward the user with points. However, the platform calculates the points based on the signee’s country of residence.

  • Tier 1 countries (CA, US & UK) earn 250 points
  • Tier 2 countries (Asian and European countries) earn 150 points
  • Tier 3 counties earn 25 points

Inviting others to join the platform can earn members a reward of $0.25 for every 250 points earned, but the reward is shared once the invited person has reached 1000 points.

How To Sign Up For ZoomBucks?

Becoming a member of ZoomBucks is simple and free. Users can register by submitting their email addresses or logging in through their Facebook accounts. After signing up, users will receive a confirmation email containing a link to activate their accounts.

To match members with relevant surveys, ZoomBucks requires new members to provide personal information when signing up, including their location, age, and status. Furthermore, new members will receive 200 points for joining the platform.

Who Can Join ZoomBucks?

Individuals worldwide can join ZoomBucks as long as they are at least 13 years old. It is an ideal platform for anyone seeking to earn extra money by completing online tasks during their free time, including students, retirees, and at-home parents. However, there may be earning restrictions depending on the country.

How To Get Paid On ZoomBucks?

ZoomBucks utilizes a point system for earnings, allowing users to convert points easily into cash or gift cards. Every 1000 points are equivalent to $1, making it easy to calculate earnings. Additionally, it is worth noting that points never expire.

The platform offers two payment methods: PayPal and gift cards.


ZoomBucks members can request PayPal payments once they reach a minimum threshold of $5 or 5150 points. The transaction typically takes 48 hours to process, and PayPal fees are standard.

Gift Cards

ZoomBucks provides a wide variety of rewards for its members, which includes over 150 gift card options from top retailers such as Amazon, Steam, Google, PlayStation, Roblox, and more. The payout threshold for each gift card is different and requires a specific number of points to redeem. For example, to receive Steam gift cards, you must reach a payout threshold of $100 and accumulate 101230 points, whereas an Amazon gift card worth $5 requires 5000 points.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Users can accumulate anywhere from 1000 to 20,000 points per day by taking surveys, watching videos, and giving feedback. Users can refer to the leaderboard in the members’ area to check how much others are earning. However, it is essential to recognize that GPT and survey websites, in general, are not a way to make a full-time income.

Can ZoomBucks Be Used On Mobile?

ZoomBucks offers a mobile-friendly survey site that lets users earn rewards while on the move. While there is no mobile app, users can access the site through their mobile devices. However, some third-party survey providers used by ZoomBucks need to be optimized for mobile, making it challenging to navigate on smaller screens.

Verdict: Is ZoomBucks Legit?

Yes – ZoomBucks is a reputable company that allows members to participate in various online activities, including completing surveys, watching videos, and doing offers. The platform has garnered a positive reputation online due to its user-friendly approach to earning money. Its safety and legitimacy are supported by its outstanding 4.7 star rating on TrustPilot, solidifying the platform’s excellent reputation.

Despite its popularity, ZoomBucks has encountered some issues common to survey sites. Some users have reported problems such as delayed or withheld payments. In addition, the company’s customer support has received criticism for needing to be more responsive to members’ inquiries.

Final Thoughts: Is ZoomBucks Worth It?

ZoomBucks is a legitimate GPT platform that offers simple ways to make money, such as completing surveys and watching videos. The platform is similar to GrabPoints, which is not surprising as they are both owned by the same company. Unfortunately, the point system on ZoomBucks is quite complicated and not user-friendly, making it challenging to earn many points without spending a significant amount of time on the platform. 

While ZoomBucks provides an excellent opportunity to earn extra money, users should not expect to get rich quickly from the site. Some alternative paid survey websites offer more earning potential with more straightforward payout options – check out our recommendations below.

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