Media Rewards Review 2024: App That Pays You To Watch TV

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Media Rewards Review

Get paid for your TV and radio habits with Media Rewards, an app created by Beatgrid Media B.V. in 2013. Earn entries for monthly cash prize draws simply by watching TV, listening to the radio, or using YouTube through the app. Prize amounts vary by country and can be substantial, with reports of wins up to $1000. Additionally, completing surveys can earn users gift cards – so sign up now!

Safe & Legit
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Discover the world of Media Rewards, a mobile app that allows users to earn cash rewards by watching TV, listening to the radio, and answering surveys. This review will explore the app’s legitimacy and provide a comprehensive analysis of its features and potential earnings, helping readers make informed decisions on whether to use Media Rewards as a source of passive income. Keep reading!

What is Media Rewards?

Media Rewards is a legit app that allows users to earn cash prizes by watching TV, YouTube, or listening to the radio on the app to enter monthly cash prize draws.

Beatgrid Media B.V. developed it in 2013, previously working with big brands like Google. The app offers a unique approach to tracking advertising exposure by monitoring users’ TV viewing and radio listening habits, transforming how they consume media. Simply put, the app collects data and feeds it back to its partners! It sounds invasive, but it is pretty safe and secure to use.

Media Rewards – Sign Up For A Chance To Win $1000
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Easily earn while you enjoy your favorite shows with Media Rewards – sign up to the mobile app!

How To Sign Up For Media Rewards?

Download the Media Rewards app for free using an iOS or Android and begin the sign-up process. Alternatively, users can also visit the Media Rewards website and enter their email address to receive a download link. A short tutorial awaits users upon downloading and launching the app, showing how it operates.

How Does It Work?

Media Rewards is the gift that keeps on giving (or taking, depending on how you view it). This app monitors audio frequencies around the device, including the TV shows or radio programs being watched or listened to. The app discreetly identifies the ads the user is exposed to by implementing this process in the background.

Media Reward App

The app will run in the background earning you points for every five seconds the app is active. These points can be redeemed for entries in monthly cash prize draws – all without lifting a finger! The platform is privacy-safe as they promise not to gather sensitive information from your device. The Media Rewards app only uses 1% battery life per hour and less than 100 kB of data daily, ensuring your device will not slow down or consume a lot of data.

Paid Surveys

Users must first earn enough points to participate in surveys by actively using the app. With no screening process like other survey sites, Media Rewards instantly qualifies users for any active surveys offered. The waiting period for these opportunities is approximately eight weeks. The surveys focus on media consumption habits and require users to answer questions based on specific brand subjects. After completing the survey, Media Rewards dispatches an email with a link to redeem a gift card reward, valid at top retailers like Amazon. The value of the gift card reward varies depending on location – but lucky winners have received up to $1,000!

Media Rewards Features

How Do You Get Paid?

The Media Rewards App rewards members with points for continuous usage, which determine monthly scores and entry into prize draws. Unfortunately, there is no payout threshold.

Cash prizes are the most popular redeemable reward on the app. Lucky winners must provide a PayPal address through a unique link to claim their prize. The winner is announced via an app message on the 16th of the following month – so fingers crossed! The amount of cash available to win varies by country of residence and can change from month to month. Some users have reported winning up to $1000.

Upon completing surveys, users become eligible for gift cards, the specifics outlined in the app’s survey invitation. Gift cards may take up to two weeks to receive via email following survey completion.

PayPal is the preferred method of reward payment, seen as convenient by users. However, with no payout threshold, there is no guarantee of earnings through the app outside of completing surveys and winning the prize draw.

How Much Cash Can You Earn?

Unfortunately, cash is not guaranteed. Instead, the app rewards points but cannot be converted into cash. This point system enters users into monthly prize draws for the chance to win some money of up to $1000, and completed surveys offer gift cards worth up to $10 – more points, more survey invitations!

Please note the cash rewards offered may vary based on the user’s country of residence.

Features of Media Rewards

App Only

Media Rewards is solely a mobile app – eliminating the need for desktop or laptop access! The app is available for download on Android and iOS app stores and has received positive feedback for its user experience, including minimal impact on battery life. Surveys are exclusively accessible via the app, which is optimized for mobile use. The app will send push notifications to inform users when surveys are available.

Privacy Matters

Media Rewards collects data securely and compiles it to generate market research reports. The privacy of users is paramount to Media Rewards. Using GDPR-compliant technology, personal information is not disclosed to any third parties. Personal details are used solely for communication related to surveys and reward payments.

Friend Referral

Media Rewards has an enticing referral program that improves the chances of success in their monthly prize draws. If the invitation feature is available in their region, users can increase their chances of winning – if your friend wins, you win too! The point accelerator of the referrer also goes up by 1,0x. Access to this feature, however, may depend on the user’s location.

Verdict: Is Media Rewards Legit?

Media Rewards is 100% legit and aims to utilize the data gathered from the constant monitoring of advertising exposure, which proves to be valuable for their partners. Unfortunately, for the user, compensation is not tied to the length of time the app runs. To earn rewards, one must be able to answer surveys, and invitations for these surveys may take a while to arrive. While winning a substantial sum is a possibility, the app may not be the best option for those seeking a consistent source of income. Joining the platform will not guarantee any earnings, which is something to consider before joining. Take a look at other paid survey apps that are worth trying!

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